LUM-TEC Bull45 – Secret Entourage Watch

lumtec M45 Secret Entourage version

Our LUM-TEC Bull45 is finally here and it is by far one of our favorite watches. This newest LUM-TEC was sent to us last week and have had a full week to really enjoy it before bringing you guys our thoughts on this latest piece by the masters of affordable time pieces. This watch is much different than last month’s LUM-TEC M9 which we reviewed as it commands much more attention due to its larger size and thicker case. The design is very similar in a sense to the famous Bell & Ross designs which are square and commando like. There are however many differences that allow it to not stand out as some sort of look-a-like or replica…

lumtec bull45 secret entourage

The design is very rugged and a great look for daily wear (unless you rock a suit to work) as it sits comfortable and not as heavy as a Panerai. The PVD finish on the outer case is nice but takes it away from classy and puts it in casual wear category, which is why it didn’t work very well with our Hugo Boss suit in the office the other day. It’s not high class enough and it doesn’t try to be so it works under the right circumstances. The dial is a Chronograph and measures roughly 44mm but due to the casing wears like a 45mm or so.

At Secret Entourage we have over $100,000 in quality high end time pieces, from Audemars Piguet to Panerai. We own them all but this particular LUM-TEC is one of our favorite watches and ends up on our wrist much more often than the others and that is because our LUM-TEC is very different than the regular Bull45 you can purchase at LUM-TEC.  It is the official Secret Entourage version of the LUM-TEC Bull45, which has the Secret Entourage insignia printed right on the dial and back casing, along with a one of kind unique dial with blue numerals instead, which makes it unique and our newest favorite watch.

secret entourage watch

There are many variations available, from stainless steel casing/white dials to the PVD finish found on our Bull45 but with a carbon finish instead, without mentioning Red or Green numerals on some models (the blue is a Secret Entourage Exclusive).

When we last reviewed the M9 last month, we found it to be very attractive for a 44mm watch and ranked it a 7/10 in the watch scale. Today we rank our newest Secret Entourage Bull45 an 8/10 due to its coolness, style and its wrist feel; we will however say that the band wasn’t to our liking being simply rubber and therefore replaced it with a black leather one with black stitching.

lum-tec bull45

Make sure to get your LUM-TEC Bull45 but don’t overpay for it, as LUM-TEC is a Secret Entourage sponsor and does take care of our readers. Use coupon code ‘secret2’ for additional savings on your LUM-TEC order online. Visit the LUM-TEC collection.