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April, 2010

Why Are Poor People Poor

Why Are Poor People Poor

Being rich is a choice, just as much as being poor. You have often heard me say that choices define who we are and how far we get in life. The choices we make define the level of success we achieve. The reality, however, is that people don’t always choose to be rich or successful, instead poor people choose to…

Secret Model – Laura

Secret Model - Laura

We received quite a bit of Amazing feedback from all of our readers regarding last month’s Secret Model Asianna and can say with confidence that she will be back, but we are sure that Laura will help take your mind off of her. Secret Entourage is proud to bring you April’s Secret Model Laura,  a goddess straight from Colorado modeling…

U-Shape vs W-Shape Recovery

U-Shape vs W-Shape Recovery

The road to recovery has been tough. From enormous unemployment numbers to the fall of the residential real estate markets, many believe and feel like we still haven’t bounced out of the “Great Recession” that started in 2007. The truth however is that we have gotten out of the recession late last year, but its impact is still felt across…

Secret To Success – LUM TEC Watches

Secret To Success - LUM TEC Watches

When we heard that LUM-TEC Watches was making custom watches, only one thing came to mind: The Secret Entourage watch by LUM-TEC. So we decided to call Chris Wiegand, the President of LUM-TEC Watches and see if we could work together to design the watch we had envisioned. Chris is extremely passionate about his watches, therefore made it a no…