Creating a Sense of Urgency

sense of urgency

Life’s priorities change as you get older.  With such a busy lifestyle, where do our life goals fit in?

Sense of Urgency

Should your ideas ever take priorities over your 9-5 job? Many will say that ideas are only ideas and do not hold any weight in your life, others will argue that it was their belief in their ideas that led them to millions and allowed them the freedom they want. So which way is the right way and which priorities should you focus on?

There are two facts to consider before choosing your priorities. Money makes the world go around and should always be on your list of top three priorities no matter what. Because without it, you simply can’t win. As much as I want to believe that there are so many beauties in the world to enjoy without money, I am also a realist and understand that unless you want to be sitting on a grass field staring at the sun all day, you need real money to buy real luxuries that make you and your loved ones happy. This all starts by creating a sense of urgency.

When you create a vision and cook up good ideas you are left with two choices: Execution or Nothing. If you choose to execute, you will be forced to invest your own money with no guaranteed returns, work without pay, and worst of all, sacrifice time spent with family and friends.  However, you will also gain something that many people never find in their lifetime: Purpose. Purpose is what makes you want to wake up in the mornings not because you have to but rather because you have a purpose to carry out.  It’s also what fuels your dreams and empowers you to do better daily. Without purpose, it’s hard to understand the vision and know what role you play in it. You must understand if you have an idea, then you play the most vital role in leading the vision and bringing it to life.  You must create a sense of urgency by setting goals and deadlines. On the other hand, if you choose to do nothing, then nothing will happen and your life will continue. The reality remains that you will always wonder what your idea could have been when you see others living your dreams.

For those of us that choose to execute, there comes a choice, a choice of how much time, money and energy we want to invest and my suggestion to you is have a sense of urgency.

If you have an idea, take it to execution within days, and spend as much time through a sense of urgency as you physically can to ensure its success. As much as most people you know will tell you that working 9-5 is the way to go and that your ideas will probably not work, I recommend that you do not tie yourself down to the 9-5, but rather find a great way to balance out your money and your dreams, even if your dreams do not have a monetary value to begin with. Finding your purpose and seeing yourself get closer and closer to your goals is the ultimate feeling, one that cannot be replaced by money and should not replace your existing income but must hold the same amount of weight and be your priority just as much as putting bread on the table.

Don’t waste time and act on your goal now by creating a sense of urgency, or someone else will act on theirs and take what’s yours…