Overcoming Fear of Failure

overcoming fear of failure

“Failure in itself is not necessarily a negative, it DEPENDS on your perspective and reaction to it” – Scooter Bingham

Overcoming Fear of Failure

In your quest for success, there will be many opportunities at which you will take a shot at, many of which will not lead to anything other than a hard learned lesson. The lesson however is more valuable than you think. The first lesson is overcoming your fear of failure. Many have said that failing is necessary as it is nothing less than a valid attempt to winning. Reality remains that practicing is what makes you win in sports just as in business and failure is only a part of it, it only becomes a flaw if you make the same mistake twice. Our reaction to these failed attempts is our greatest strength, the ability to know from experience why someone or something failed is the experience that others that have never tried will never know.

If you believe in your vision, and understand that the road ahead is full of bumps, then you will easily overcome fear of failure as well as being prepared to encounter them and navigate around them, even if you have to hit one of them dead on. If you forget what the end goal looks like or where the road leads, then you are accepting defeat and therefore experience the ultimate failure which is giving up.

Many throughout my years have told me that a certain idea was stupid or simply didn’t make sense to them. Many have said that I was wasting time and I should just focus on what makes money today and not a vision that will turn into nothing. I knew where I wanted to go and how to get there and despite the negativity or failures ahead, the vision never died and the end results was exactly as expected. The failures along the way were simply chances for me to make things right, rather than quit. Where I failed, I learned, and when I learned, I improved. When I improved, I conquered.

Failure is experience, and experience is priceless so do not be afraid to fail, do not be afraid to try and do not be afraid of the road ahead no matter how gloomy it may seem and no matter how many tell you it’s a dead end. By overcoming fear of failure, you and only you create and control your outcomes.

Just remember: The biggest failure in business is to not try at all. As Scooter Bingham said before, it depends on your perspective on failure and how you overcome failure to succeed. With that said, we leave you a motivation picture of what Scooter has the privilege of waking up to everyday through hard work, risk taking, common sense, and no fear.

overcome fear of failure