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Make Money Selling Watches

Bargain watches

The world of watches can be complex but is an obsession shared by millions worldwide, and with the internet’s social networks and online sale communities like Ebay and Craigslist; finding buyers and sellers has never been easier.

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Ferrari Theme Park to Open in Dubai

ferrari world dubai

Dubai has been known to have some issues with the economy keeping construction from moving forward but Abu Dhabi is probably tired of Dubai always stealing the thunder as the star of the United Arab Emirates, but that may change with the construction of a F1 spec track and a Ferrari-based theme park set to open in 2010…

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2011 Aston Martin Vantage Update

2011 aston martin vantage interior

Aston Martin has refreshed the V8 Vantage sports coupe and roadster and as we reviewed it back in 2009, the car is by far one of the best looking GTs out on the market and its now looking better than ever with the subtle new changes. For 2010, Aston Martin has taken the Vantage V8 one step closer to perfection.  The changes include minor upgrades to the body aerodynamics, wheels and taillights but the real treat is inside the car…

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Project CLS55 AMG “Executive” Update

CLS55 AMG 360 forged

Our Project CLS55 AMG “executive” is coming to a wrap just as the winter weather is starting to go away. Here is an update on our car as it is about to be going on sale to make room for some summer exotic cars. We have yet to decided what will replace this beast but a Bentley GT or Aston Martin Vantage are looking like promising choices. Last time we showed you our CLS55 AMG, it was barely driven as we had just acquired it. Well, it isn’t stock anymore…

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The Journey OR The Outcome?

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Rossion Q1 – The New Noble M400?

rossion q1

The ultimate track car just got better. The Rossion Q1 is officially the replacement of the Noble M400 which was the most popular kit car to grace the market, and more importantly the fastest of its kind. The car was sold without engine or trans-axle for approximately $60,000 and would cost upwards of $80,000 when complete with a Ford twin turbo V6 and trans-axle. Get ready as the New Rossion Q1 takes that up by $20,000 and offers unparalleled performance for less than 6 figures…
The Rossion Q1 comes as the next super kit car, from some of the same people that brought you the Noble M400 cars but have decided to raise the bar on everything and deliver us a fresh product in 2010.

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Luxury Real Estate – Hollywood Hills

luxury homes hollywood hills

Our luxury real estate pick for January is named : Hollywood Hills, as it sits tall over Hollywood and gives a view worth every penny of the $5 million dollars it will cost you to move in. This 7000 square feet home features a blend of modern and classic design, and yet is as far from boring as possible. This spectacular contemporary architectural, designed by L & V Architecture, in the star-studded Nichols Canyon enclave of the Hollywood Hills is a masterpiece showcasing panoramic mountain, city views and a natural 100 foot waterfall…

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