Rossion Q1 – The New Noble M400?

rossion q1

The ultimate track car just got better. The Rossion Q1 is officially the replacement of the Noble M400 which was the most popular kit car to grace the market, and more importantly the fastest of its kind. The car was sold without engine or trans-axle for approximately $60,000 and would cost upwards of $80,000 when complete with a Ford twin turbo V6 and trans-axle. Get ready as the New Rossion Q1 takes that up by $20,000 and offers unparalleled performance for less than 6 figures…
The Rossion Q1 comes as the next super kit car, from some of the same people that brought you the Noble M400 cars but have decided to raise the bar on everything and deliver us a fresh product in 2010.

Rossion Q1 by 1G marketing

What do you get for $100,000?

Well you get a gorgeous looking car that is blistering fast, handles like an Enzo Ferrari and has an interior that makes Corvettes and Vipers look like they came from the Stone Age. Powered by 450HP and 390TRQ and a power to weight ratio of 418HP/Ton, you can expect 3 sec 0-60 runs and the standing quarter mile right in the low 11 seconds. The car’s suspension has also been improved by firming up the springs and lowering the car by .25 inch lower than the previous M400 Noble cars.

The main improvement that the Rossion Q1 shows over the Noble M400 is its incredible looks and interior. The Noble M400 was all ready for the track but didn’t offer basic creature comforts and looks to rival the Porsche GT3, but the Rossion Q1 does so and it does it well if I may add. The Q1 is wider and has a longer wheelbase than the Noble M400 which makes it come out of the basic Lotus Elise class and gives it much more exotic appeal than the Noble M400.

rossion q1 interior

The bottom line: There are many choices when faced with decisions around exotic track cars, the Porsche GT3, Lotus Exige S, and Ferrari Scuderia are all valid options available at various price points. The Rossion Q1is a nice mix of the entire fleet above but excels in the performance area, which makes it nicer around the track, however the lack of a badge and smaller size gives it less presence on the road, making it less appealing to those that use their track cars as their weekend cruiser. The Q1 is a great improvement over the M400 and shows a great future for 1G racing, the maker of the Rossion Q1.

rossion q1 emblem

We hope you enjoyed our article on the Rossion Q1 by 1G marketing, and make sure to check out the video to this incredible beast HERE as well as the success story of the photographer that made this car come to life “Webb Bland”