Project CLS55 AMG “Executive” Update

CLS55 AMG 360 forged

Our Project CLS55 AMG “executive” is coming to a wrap just as the winter weather is starting to go away. Here is an update on our car as it is about to be going on sale to make room for some summer exotic cars. We have yet to decided what will replace this beast but a Bentley GT or Aston Martin Vantage are looking like promising choices. Last time we showed you our CLS55 AMG, it was barely driven as we had just acquired it. Well, it isn’t stock anymore…

CLS55 amg 360forged

Since we were driving this car daily and didn’t want to attract too much attention on the streets, we decided to do something subtle yet aggressive. We chose to first lower the car using a module and then add a set of 360 Forged wheels, Straight 5 design in brushed silver with chrome lips and brushed inner barrels. As you may have heard 360 Forged is no longer in business and Forged DST has now bought rights to the wheels but hasn’t done a great job getting the bad taste out of people’s mouths. I still believe that 360 Forged wheels are some of the prettiest wheels  on the market, along with D2 Forged.

cls55 amg 360 forged straight 5

We were able to get our set of 20″ 360 Forged Wheels trouble free from our old friends at Wheel Boutique in Miami. Our friend John did a great job on the wheels, price and delivered within 3 weeks as promised. This was great news for us as the world is having a hard time getting these very expensive and prestigious wheels. We went with the Straight 5 design to keep a clean factory look but benefit from some great deep lips. 4″ to be exact on the rear.

cls55 amg 360 forged wheels

We decided to go with Nitto Invos, 245’s up front and 305’s in the rear also courtesy of our friend John at Wheel Boutique, as our first experience with the Invo by Nitto, we feel that this is by far one of the best looking tire on the market and is phenomenal value for the money. We would recommend it to all.

Finally, we decided to black out our front grill in matte black to make it a bit more aggressive and contrast the front lower grill. Our CLS55 AMG is meant to have a carbon fiber front lip as well but we did not want to install it prior to winter’s end, as the car is lowered quite a bit and would have made it hard to navigate our way through the city.

cls55 amg interior picture

cls55amg rear seats

We have decided to move on and post our beautiful CLS55 AMG for sale, and so we posted it on Ebay Motors here:

2006 CLS55 AMG, 360 Forged on EBAY MOTORS

We will be letting it go extremely cheap at $50,000 and would love to hear what our readers have for trade, we are open to Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley or Porsche. Let us know what you got and feel free to with any questions, as well as comment on this post.

We would also like to extend a big “thank you” to John at Wheel Boutique for helping us get the wheels we wanted at an incredible price. Make sure to contact John @ Wheel Boutique at 1-866-519-4335