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D2 Forged: Aston Martin Vantage V8

Aston Martin V8 vantage d2 forged

We last brought you the D2 forged Lamborghini Murcielago which was just about as classy and perfect as it gets. Now D2 forged has graced us with this very sexy Aston Martin Vantage V8 which sits on their latest mesh design wheel, the VS1. D2 Forged wheels are an excellent choice for your exotic as they provide simple designs that are elegant yet light. The Aston Martin V8 Vantage is a stunning car despite its lack of power, it is elegant and understated but it is by far one of the best looking affordable exotics out there. The cost of ownership of the Aston Martin V8 Vantage is not as bad as one would imagine.

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Lamborghini Reventon Roadster

lamborghini Reventon roadster

The new Lamborghini Reventon Roadster is here and it is already gone! That’s right all 15 units are accounted for and sold despite just hitting dealerships worldwide. The Lamborghini Reventon was a true hit back when it only existed in its coupe format and now is more stunning with its top down. One of our friend recently took these stunning pictures of a Reventon Roadster that he found sitting in a Lamborghini dealership in the UK and so we wanted to make sure we share these amazing pictures with all of you…

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Make Money During Winter

plow snow cartoon

This cold and chilling winter month, we bring you a different type of idea around making money without having a job. This idea will only apply to those of us in the north and north east regions as the weather will be key to making lots and lots of money.  Snow month are punishing in the northeast region, and as I am writing this we are expecting 10″ of snow by night.

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Heavy Hitters Magazine

heavy hitters magazine

One piece of literature we always look forward to is the Heavy Hitters magazine. Heavy Hitters is a relatively new magazine that just launched a year ago.  It takes a little bit of the entrepreneur aspect and a little bit of the lifestyle aspect and showcases the personalities that are considered ‘heavy hitters.’ To sum it up, it shows you the lifestyle of the rich and NOT famous and what they do for a living. If you’re like most folks, the glimpse of a young person driving a Ferrari or Lamborghini makes you wonder what they do for a living. Heavy Hitters mag features a great twist in that it features young entrepreneurs that you would have never thought to own thousand dollar watches or drive exotic cars. But as they say, you should never judge a book by its cover. Some of the individuals featured might even look familiar to you since  many of them are active on several forums. One of the founders and editor runs a blog called Bad Cop No Donut. Check it out for behind the scenes images. Heavy Hitters Magazine  is currently doing 6 issues a year.

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Ferrari California Worth The Hype?

ferrari california

Since its release in 2009, the Ferrari California has not been getting as much attention as we’d expect. Having made basic cameo appearances on shows like Entourage, the Ferrari California is not having its big moment despite being the first retractable hardtop Ferrari has designed. So why has this masterpiece been overshadowed by the mighty F430 and 599GTB? Well, it seems that no one had the answer, so we decided to go and test drive the car for ourselves and see if the car is really not living up to its expectation.

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The Universe House

mansion roof pool

Out of all the luxury real estate we have reviewed, I think this might the one and only that actually does not fall into the luxury segment.  There is a luxury element to the actual home, but not much of it we will see as this home is not for sale and therefore its doors are closed to us, but there is more to this home than meets the eye and it is as though it belongs in a movie from the future. The home is one of the most unique ever created, and portrays a peaceful paradise like none ever seen before.

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Don’t Lose Focus of What’s Ahead

“Even though there are days I wish I could change some things that happened in the past, there’s a reason the rear view mirror is so small Continue Reading

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