The Universe House

mansion roof pool

Out of all the luxury real estate we have reviewed, I think this might the one and only that actually does not fall into the luxury segment.  There is a luxury element to the actual home, but not much of it we will see as this home is not for sale and therefore its doors are closed to us, but there is more to this home than meets the eye and it is as though it belongs in a movie from the future. The home is one of the most unique ever created, and portrays a peaceful paradise like none ever seen before.

universe house tatiana bilbao

The home is barely 8 feet tall and has a very modern design on the outside, combining traditional Mexican architecture and modern 21st century styling, and the best part of it all is its amazing swimming pool built right on its roof. The main highlight of this home is that it is called the universe house. It represents paradise, earth, wind and water all at once and offers a view that rivals looking at the edge of the world everyday.

The universe house

Keep in mind that this home was built on the bare essence of the universe’s beauty rather than the usual luxuries we expect in our day to day lives, making it one great home to get away to. As you will see from the pictures, there are not many luxuries inside or outside the home, other than its design, simplicity and location.

The universe house

The house was designed by Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco and built by architect Tatiana Bilbao. We will bring you more on the architectural masterpiece as soon as we have more coverage of this beautiful luxury property.

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