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The Secret Entourage CLS55 AMG

Silver CLS55 AMG

Secret Entourage’s Mercedes has been delivered: The 2006 Mercedes Benz CLS55 AMG.

We chose the CLS55 because power, styling and luxury combine effortlessly with this AMG. We wanted to go with the S63 first but decided on the CLS55 based on its much younger appearance and fun factor. Here is a little background about the CLS55 and photo shoot of our two amazing super cars next to each other.

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Top 5 Watches of 2009

Luxury watches are reviewed just about everywhere and in most cases are associated with websites that sell the actual watch. Here at Secret Entourage, we simply want to bring you our take on the best watches of 2009. We believe these watches are the most unique and best pieces we have seen and worn.

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Secret to Success – Carbon Fiber Gear

carbon fiber money clip

Cars and carbon fiber are a marriage made in heaven. From small accents around the car to full race bodies made of carbon fiber, the material has gone fully streamlined in today’s car market. Car enthusiasts everywhere look for carbon parts for their cars but have also started to look for a carbon look for just about everything else. From pens to watches, carbon fiber is now simply becoming a style and a way of life for most.

Meet David Pitlyuk, a young entrepreneur who saw opportunity in carbon fiber and capitalized on it. He is the owner and CEO of Carbon Fiber Gear, your one stop for everything carbon fiber.

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The Greater Good

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2010 Mercedes SLS Gullwing


The 2010 SLS Gullwing is finally here and is no longer the concept car that many believed would never see the light of day. It is real and has been unveiled, despite not hitting the showroom floors till late 2010, it is highly anticipated and expected to sell out prior to even arriving. Despite its $300,000 price tag, the car has a following unlike none other, as many are still to this day trying to get their hands on the 300SL Gullwing that started it all.

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Make Six Figures a Year Detailing Cars

bikini car wash

Making money without a job is back and we are covering a car related topic. Making money by offering detailing services can be a big profit business with very little overhead. Most car enthusiast do this on their time off for them and their friends anyways, so why not start offering it as a full service that is discounted compared to the big shops that offer the same service. How do you get started?

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Ferrari 458 Italia Released

ferrari 458 wallpaper

The Ferrari 458 Italia is finally here and this might mean that 2010 might be the year Ferrari comes back on the books as an actual competitor to Lamborghini and Porsche, which have been reaping profits and market share from Ferrari for the past 3 years. We first discussed the Ferrari 458 last month as the final rendering had finally been exposed, but it is nice to say the F458 Ferrari Italia is now here and unveiled in the flesh, the real questions will remain on how true the pricing will be and if the cost of ownership will be more than the mighty F430? Here is what we know…

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