The Greater Good

You have heard us talk about making the right choices in life and the impact it holds on our future.But what if the choice is not clear as both options are going to have a negative impact or both choices are good yet different, how will you decided what the right choice is and what will determine the greater good, for you.

In life, we are often faced with difficult decisions, many are around our work, others around our lives and yet we struggle with our decisions and sometimes we just don’t make them. I will help you by giving you a simple system that will help you get through all your decisions. Its called the “fearless” decision system. Simply think about every decision in the following way in order to make the right one or the better one in some cases.


Simply look at your options and do not fear making the decision based on what fears you have of what might happen. Make the right decision because it makes sense. We make decisions and often fear consequences that cannot be avoided, but yet choose to not make a definite decision in order to not be faced with the consequences. Holding back will simply delay the process, not help it.

Think of the following steps when making the right decision:

  1. Pros and Cons of each choice
  2. Immediate outcome/change that will occur
  3. 30 day outcome after the choice is made
  4. Exit strategy if the wrong choice is made
  5. Are any feelings involved in the choice?
  6. Are you afraid of the outcome?

If you are not afraid of the outcome, you can’t make the wrong choice, you can simply make a choice, and have the right processes in place to counter any outcome positive or negative that might come from it. Remember there is no such thing as a negative choice, only bad ones. Negative choices are the ones you choose to not make. Take control of your life and deliver on what you already know you want to do. Despite the immediate anxiety you might feel and immediate withdrawal you might go thru, the actual decision you made will make sense and be less emotion driven after a day or so. Give it time and watch the change.

Lets look at a simple example around relationships, these can be decisions made around friendships or significant others. You have a business partner who is simply not cutting it and helping you grow your business, you have had many conversations with them about many different topics to help become an asset to your business but no matter what they end up becoming a liability. So you choose to divide your business in half and buy him/her out but you quickly retract at the fear of loosing money or the fear of embarking on a journey alone and therefore this fear keeps you from making the decisions needed to move your business forward.

Just keep in mind that sometimes the greater good is the decision that will require you to sacrifice your comfort in exchange for your future.