Top 5 Watches of 2009

Luxury watches are reviewed just about everywhere and in most cases are associated with websites that sell the actual watch. Here at Secret Entourage, we simply want to bring you our take on the best watches of 2009. We believe these watches are the most unique and best pieces we have seen and worn.

In 5th place:  The Panerai 1950

The Panerai 1950 is by far one of our favorite Panerai watches for 2009, the classy and simple dial is elegant and subtle but yet showcases clearly the exclusivity of Panerai by keeping the dial clear of any major chrono action. We enjoy the Panerai 1950 and rank it number 5 on our list. The Panerai 1950 retails for about $15,000 and up and is worth every penny. Best of all, even other Panerai owners will praise you as it is very limited and sought after.

In 4th Place:  Gold Omega Planet Ocean

After launching the highly successful planet ocean, Omega decided to start their first in house movement and they introduced it at a whooping $13,000 with the gold version of their best selling watch. The gold planet ocean is very good looking and can be used daily without raising too much suspicion that you are wealthy. We pick the Omega for our number 4 pick because we believe Omega’s first attempt is very good and deserves attention.

Gold Omega Planet Ocean

3rd Place:  Zenith El Primero Watch

Zenith watches have always been known for being see through and exposing the movement to some degree.The new Zenith El Primero is no exception showing almost the entire movement, the time piece is visually stunning. We are not usually fans of Zenith but we must say that this particular timepiece is quite impressive. It is 45 mm large and retails right at $12000. Zenith watches do not do such a great job of retaining value but in some cases are worth the money.

Zenith el primero watch

In 2nd Place: Ulysse Nardin Marine Chrono (Gold on Black)

Ulysse Nardin watches are visually simple but carry major presence on your wrist when worn. Most of their watches including the Marine Chrono are suited for a dressy evening, rather than your average night out. The design is very elegant on the Marine Chrono and makes it to our pick for 2nd place because despite offering a movement that rival Patek Phillip and aesthetics that make Rolex look cheap. The Ulysse Nardin Marine Chrono can be had for about $16,000, which is tremendous value for what you get.

Ulysse Nardin Marine

Best Watch of 2009: The Panerai 213K PVD

We love Officine Panerai and none more than the new Panerai 213K PVD, which really cannot disappoint other than its price tag. The PVD gives the watch a rugged look but still allows it to maintain its class, elegance and money factor. It wasn’t until recently that I was able to discover the new meaning of exclusive. I walked into a Panerai boutique and asked for this marvelous piece. I was told that 17 people are on the waiting list and that only 1 watch would come in this year. The Panerai 213K PVD is no different than an ordinary Panerai other than the shell being done in flat gunmetal but yet this small detail makes it very rare and look like an entirely different watch. Congrats to Panerai for reinventing such a great GMT Panerai and bringing its value to right about $20,000. That is if you are lucky enough to find one :)