We Upgrade to a Lamborghini Gallardo!

Silver Lamborghini Gallardo

After having displayed our Porsche love for a few years, we have decided to change up our game. We enjoyed every minute of our wonderful Porsche 911 turbo GT650 and had many great moments that we shared with all of you. That was the past and this is now. Introducing our new Lamborghini Gallardo, loaded with options and speed, this extremely beautiful machine is more than just looks.

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Gallardo Project Underway – Phase 1

Gallardo with models

As you all know the Secret Entourage crew recently acquired a Gallardo and as we mentioned in our introductory article, we are modding it and keeping you up to date on our progress. Here is phase 1.

We have already upgraded the performance of our car with some goodies including Fabspeed Cat Bypass, Quicksilver SS F1 Exhaust, BMC F1 Intakes and Heffner ECU. That should should add up to about 100 additional horsepower, and best of all the sound which is absolutely to die for. Let us break down the process and our thoughts on each product.

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Gallardo Project Underway – Phase 2


The Secret Entourage Lamborghini is well underway to getting finished, now moving from Stage 1 to Stage 2 which was focused on aesthetics and suspension. We set off the Lamborghini Gallardo with a unique set of 3 piece forged wheels from the Savini Diamond series collection, the SV2. We chose the gloss black center and chrome reverse lip with exposed rivets as we felt a good blend of luxury and sport…

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