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March, 2011

Are Leaders Born or Made?

Are Leaders Born or Made?

I often look back at times in my life where I questioned myself and if indeed I was born a leader or would I have to live my life in the shadow of fear. I remember never volunteering for any…

Modern Classics – Singer 911

Modern Classics - Singer 911

It’s always a sad sight when I come across a picture of an old, rusted vintage automobile that had been sitting in someone’s shed for decades. It’s an unfriendly reminder that there are even more wrecked, lost and rusted vehicles…

Opportunity In Japan

Opportunity In Japan

“Within every problem, lies an opportunity!” First off, we want to send our prayers to all of those who may have lost loved ones in the tragic recent earthquake and tsunami events in Japan. Natural disasters like these remind me…

Cars & Coffee ’08 Rewind

Cars & Coffee '08 Rewind

Living in California certainly has its perks if you’re a car enthusiast. Literally every weekend there is a car event going on for all types of people whether you’re into  imports to exotics. One event that never fails to disappoint…