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Are Leaders Born or Made?


I often look back at times in my life where I questioned myself and if indeed I was born a leader or would I have to live my life in the shadow of fear. I remember never volunteering for any activities or never becoming a team captain in school, and more importantly I remember being afraid of the unknown and what would happen in the years to come. That might be you today, or you yesterday but ultimately at some point in our lives, we all have been afraid and unsure but what makes us change?

Are we born with leadership in us or perhaps it is a skill we acquire with time and experience?

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Modern Classics – Singer 911

It’s always a sad sight when I come across a picture of an old, rusted vintage automobile that had been sitting in someone’s shed for decades. It’s an unfriendly reminder that there are even more wrecked, lost and rusted vehicles contributing to the model’s looming extinction. I saw a picture of an Aston Martin DB5 the other day that had been sitting for so long a tree was literally growing into it. All I could think was “man, I wish I had found that car before it was destroyed. I would have given it a good home,” and chances are you have experienced the same feeling.

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Opportunity In Japan

“Within every problem, lies an opportunity!”

First off, we want to send our prayers to all of those who may have lost loved ones in the tragic recent earthquake and tsunami events in Japan. Natural disasters like these remind me of why you must value life and enjoy it to the fullest as you never know when it will end. In the midst of all the destruction and chaos exists opportunity for some of us that not only can help ourselves from a monetary standpoint but help Japan from an economical one. Remember how I always say “fear” is the indicator you need to be looking for when it comes to investing.

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Motivation 101 – Is Change a RISK You Can Afford?

Recently in our Ask Don segment on our Entrepreneur Forum, a theme of questions have come up around wanting change and alternative lifestyles. Many of our readers have asked questions around finding their purpose and perhaps finding it in other places outside of where they live. Some would argue that their environment is significantly impacting their ability to be successful and that a change in their circumstance would impact their chances.

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Cars & Coffee ’08 Rewind

cars and coffee mc12

Living in California certainly has its perks if you’re a car enthusiast. Literally every weekend there is a car event going on for all types of people whether you’re into  imports to exotics. One event that never fails to disappoint is the Cars and Coffee out in Irvine, California. Every Saturday morning, before the sun rises, car enthusiasts from all over gather by the Ford / Mazda Campus. Cars and Coffee never fails to disappoint as you will never know what will show up. We came across a set of pics we took from 2008 we surprisingly haven’t posted yet.

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Art of Entrepreneurship – Manage Change

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” – George Bernard Shaw

In the world of business, reality can be very cut throat and difficult to swallow. However, the truth remains that if you are not volatile and willing to adapt to your environment as well as the constant changing business model, you are pretty much left behind. Industries change and so do your clients or your target audiences needs and wants, and so must your business and its growth model. Being two steps ahead of the game is your key to business growth and long term survival.

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Secret to Success – Craig Lieberman

Perhaps one of the most influential people among the import car culture, Craig Lieberman has helped shape what it has become today through his involvement in the “Fast and Furious” movie franchise while at the same time directing the vision of many car part companies. While cars were Craig’s interests, his true passion remained in media production for companies far and wide ranging from Playboy to museum history. Read more as Craig shares with us how he became the car guru early in his career and then leaving it all to form his production company…

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