Cars & Coffee ’08 Rewind

cars and coffee mc12

Living in California certainly has its perks if you’re a car enthusiast. Literally every weekend there is a car event going on for all types of people whether you’re into¬† imports to exotics. One event that never fails to disappoint is the Cars and Coffee out in Irvine, California. Every Saturday morning, before the sun rises, car enthusiasts from all over gather by the Ford / Mazda Campus. Cars and Coffee never fails to disappoint as you will never know what will show up. We came across a set of pics we took from 2008 we surprisingly haven’t posted yet.

What better way to start off your day by seeing the $1,000,000 Maserati MC12

cars and coffee maserati mc12

The Carrera GT will always be a classic with all these new hybrid supercars coming out.

cars and coffee porsche cgt

cars coffee porsche carrera gt

The legendary Ford RS200. A very quick car for the era it was built. Car guys will appreciate this.

cars and coffee ford rs200

A little bit of the new and old finds its way into Cars and Coffee such as this old school Porsche Roadster.

cars and coffee orange county

Back when exotics were truly drivers cars such as this Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale and Porsche Carrera GT

cars coffee irvine

Audi R8 is a pretty good looking car but there are better cars to buy for the money…

cars coffee audi r8

…such as these Lamborghini Gallardo’s that can be had for low 100’s

cars coffee gallardo

The barney mobile commonly known as the Lamborghini Diablo SE. Not our number choice of color…

cars coffee diablo se

cars and coffee orange county

With the new Lamborghini Aventador coming out, we still think the LP640 is better looking

cars coffee lamborghini

This shade of green on this Dodge Viper is not the most flattering color for that car

cars coffee dodge viper

On the other hand, Lamborghini’s verde ithaca lime green is one of the hottest colors available

cars coffee verde ithaca lp640

You know we love our Aston Martins. The Vanquish is a great looking car but is mechanically dated now

cars coffee aston martin vanquish

A set of updated 997.2 tail lights will really give this car the much needed update

cars coffee porsche gt2 turbo

cars coffee porsche gt2

Lotus Exige’s and Elise’s are starting to come down in price making them a good bargain

cars coffee lotus exige

This Porsche 993 is always at Cars and Coffee. Looks more exotic with the widebody and pearl orange paint

cars coffee porsche 993 turbo

Authentic or fake Ford GT40? We can’t tell but either way we love it

cars coffee ford gt40

The Ferrari 360 CS is the best modern Ferrari in our opinion. That includes the new 458 Italia…

cars coffee ferrari 360 challenge stradale

At the end of day, cars slowly roll out due to police watching closely.

cars coffee ferrari challenge stradale

Cars and Coffee in Irvine is definitely a must see car event considering its free and every Saturday. Here’s the address to Cars and Coffee:

7905 Gateway Blvd
Irvine, CA 92618