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SR Auto Showcase – Project Lansky

sr auto group range rover

Seeing that we are on the east coast, there has been a significant amount of snow that has kept us from enjoying all of our wonderful exotic cars. Seeing how much salt and snow is still left on the ground, we are going to have another month or two before getting back to driving but there is alternative, the all mighty Range Rover.

For those that haven’t had a chance to drive a Range Rover or simply don’t understand what the hype is all about, we are pretty convinced that this car will change your mind… Introducing SR’s Project Lansky

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The Value of Patience

Let’s be honest. If you’re reading this article on this website, be you an avid Secret reader or a first timer, chances are you share the same drive and desire for success that the Entourage does. You want the money, the cars, the women, the houses, and you want it yesterday. I know I’ve felt that way for a long time, and my relentless determination has absolutely helped me get to the position I am in today. A sense of urgency can be a great asset for an individual, however it can also be one of their biggest drawbacks – ESPECIALLY if any amount of emotional investment is involved.

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Introducing “The Ace”

For 2011 Secret Entourage is expanding and bringing you more articles and more perspectives than before. Introducing you to “The Ace” as our latest additions to the Secret Entourage automotive news team. Secret Entourage is about Generation Y stepping up and taking ownership of our lives while helping one another become more productive, but more importantly we are the best place for young entrepreneurs to share ideas and support one another. “The Ace” is one of those young entrepreneurs who truly lives life with the Secret Entourage mindset and over time has decided that he really wanted to help us and be more than just a reader, so he stepped up and here he is as our newest automotive specialist. You too as readers have the same opportunity to step up and participate in this movement in many different ways; if you feel like you can help contribute to the value of Secret Entourage then please feel free to email us at and let us know what you can do.

Who is “The Ace”?

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Are You Using Google For Business?

I recently came across an article on Mark Cuban’s blog about the Google Lifestyle as he calls it. This Google Lifestyle is simply the use of Google’s free services and tools that enhance our everyday lives through the use of their products whether it be personal or business use. I thought about it and I too am living the Google Lifestyle as well but more importantly, I am using it for my business. Are you?

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How To Create an iPhone App by Klutch22

You might have heard of Klutch22 by now, the cool new iPhone app that acts a real time car locator.  Julien Noel and Dany Leblanc are the two entrepreneurs behind the Klutch22 app and they share with us today what it really takes to create an app for the iPhone.  With today’s technology constantly changing and the vast amounts of applications and programs constantly coming out for the iPhone and Android, we thought it would be interesting to truly learn how anyone can get started with an app idea even if you don’t have the technical skills to pull it off yourself.

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Secret to Success – Charlie Ferer

As a college graduate of Arizona State University, Charlie Ferer thought he would be living the American Dream through a 9-5 job in Corporate America. Although successfully earning well over six figures a year, it was not without long hours that hurt his lack of freedom. With an entrepreneurial childhood, Charlie found his calling and left his comfortable job to start his own businesses doing what he loves. Secret sat down with Charlie to discuss his secret to success and his Lamborghini obsession.

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Secret Model – Ellis

We told you that 2011 will be a year where we step everything up ten notches, and we plan to start of the year just right introducing Ellis from Dallas, Texas. This shoot is made possible thanks to a finely tuned Lamborghini Gallardo, a super hot bombshell and Pepper Perfect Photography. The real treat here is that Ellis will be taking us through the best way a guy can pick up a chick, and capture her attention out there in the wild or at a bar.

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