Secret Model – Ellis

We told you that 2011 will be a year where we step everything up ten notches, and we plan to start of the year just right introducing Ellis from Dallas, Texas. This shoot is made possible thanks to a finely tuned Lamborghini Gallardo, a super hot bombshell and Pepper Perfect Photography. The real treat here is that Ellis will be taking us through the best way a guy can pick up a chick, and capture her attention out there in the wild or at a bar.

This Lamborghini Gallardo is no slouch and tuned just to perfection. Featuring on the exterior an RSC LP560 front bumper,  RSC SCF Superleggera side skirts, Heffner CF Superleggera rear diffuser, SP Engineering CF Superleggera wing and Tecnocraft CF Engine bonnet, vanity cover and polycarbonate windows. The engine was modded as well with a set of air filters straight out of the Superleggera and a Larini Exhaust. This Gallardo is then finished off to perfection with a set of HRE P40 monoblocks in flat black.

secret model ellis

pepper perfect photography

pepper perfect lamborghini

So Ellis, tell us how a guy can really capture your attention and get from A to B :)

My worst pick-up experience was probably when I was a freshman in High School. I was in Walmart shopping for school supplies, I was bent down looking at something and this guy..well, “boy”… comes up behind me and says “you know, those pencils aren’t refillable.” And then he proceeded to ask me on a date. I think you know the answer I gave him, haha.

My best pick-up experience was when I was working at a concert, a guy came up and started talking to me at my booth, then proceeded to ask if he could buy me a drink after I was finished with my shift. My original thought: “Okay, he’s cute, and free beer = YES.” We ended up hanging out, and I got REALLY drunk, I was totally “that girl”, and he took care of me all night, and didnt try anything. He even held my hair. Haha. I know that it’s not the most romantic story, but it definitely could have been a bad situation, and he was a total gentleman about it.

When a guy approaches me at a bar, my answer is automatically NO. I am a bartender, and I see the skeeze that crawl through bars just looking to pick up different chicks every night. However, if you become a regular at my bar, tip me well, and let me get to know you, we might be friends.
Still, my rule of thumb: bar guys = no, no.

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