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Featured Photographer – Ronnie Renaldi

This latest feature is none other than our good friend Ronnie Renaldi. Ronnie has helped us out with several shoots in the past ranging from Laura to the latest Jenna. Ronnie is quite active on several forums and that is where we first has a glimpse of his photography. With Ronnie’s keen eye for artistic detail shots to his ability to find some of Colorado’s hottest girls, we knew it was a no brainer to work together. Ronnie has been a pleasure to work with and delivers far beyond our expectations every time.

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Texas Outlaw Run

texas outlaw run

“One day the good lord will get me, but the law never will” – Gumballer 2003

The Gumball Rally is know worldwide for being one the biggest and most expensive car rallies in the world, ranging from driving across multiple countries to partying in the world best locations. It is also know to have a very significant cost. Most Gumballers will tell you that an average rally costs them well over $100,000 by the time its all said and done. Since not everyone can afford to party and blow $100,000 over a week’s worth of driving mayhem, there are alternatives to the craziness… One of those alternatives is the Texas Outlaw Run which despite not costing as much can be equal amounts of insanity.

We sit down with Benjamin Surman to find out more about who these Texas Outlaws really are..

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The Power of Effective Negotiation Skills

Being faced with negotiations is simply life; knowing how to win them is an art. – Don Sabatini

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Your Single Greatest Investment

healthy apple

Secret Entourage is always devoted to bringing you quality articles to help motivate and educate you daily, often based around lifestyle of entrepreneurship. Reality is however that success is not only defined by how wealthy and successful you are but by your ability to enjoy it as well; and so we decided to turn to our friend Scott Monsefan, a nutrition expert, for basic tips on how to live better. We will be bringing you a series of nutritional, health and wellness articles that will help you self improve and hopefully provide some guidance as to the Do’s and Dont’s out there…

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Range Rover Sport – ADV1 Exclusive

adv1 wheels range rover sport

Once upon a time come certain tuned cars that just stops us in our tracks and redefine perfection. This particular Range Rover Sport Supercharged is exactly one of those epic cars, or trucks should we say.  This particular Range Rover Sport belongs to ADV1 Wheels, a premiere wheel manufacturer that we featured in several articles here due to their outside the box thinking and designing some of the industries best 3 piece and monoblock wheels. Make sure to check out the entire gallery for some stunning shots of this masterpiece…

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Secret Model – Jenna

secret model jenna

From Colorado comes our latest Secret Model, she is outgoing, fun, loves Italian food and more importantly knows how to make this Ferrari F430 Spyder sexier than its ever been. Introducing Jenna, our youngest and sexiest model yet telling us all about her modeling career and why she is Secret Entourage material… Trust me, you want to see the whole gallery on this one!

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