Your Single Greatest Investment

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Secret Entourage is always devoted to bringing you quality articles to help motivate and educate you daily, often based around lifestyle of entrepreneurship. Reality is however that success is not only defined by how wealthy and successful you are but by your ability to enjoy it as well; and so we decided to turn to our friend Scott Monsefan, a nutrition expert, for basic tips on how to live better. We will be bringing you a series of nutritional, health and wellness articles that will help you self improve and hopefully provide some guidance as to the Do’s and Dont’s out there…

Give us an introduction to the world of nutrition Scott!

If you are looking for a truly remarkable return on any of your investments or endeavors, then begin investing in yourself. Specifically, what I mean is start by investing in your health and fitness. Becoming a healthier you is not an overnight project, and it is not advisable to drastically change ones lifestyle in a short amount of time.  In an ideal world you would be able to, and you would reap all the benefits right away. Unfortunately, that is not a realistic option.

Welcome to what will be a series of articles helping you navigate – the often times confusing – world of nutrition and fitness. Nowadays there is a plethora of information available to everyone regarding diet, supplements and various methods of exercise. Some sources want you to eat like your ancestors; others will assure you that everything your body needs can be consumed in a shake or in pill form. Despite conflicting methodologies, both would work for the majority of people. I have often experienced, though, it is not the rampant or antiquated misinformation but the OVERWHELMING amount of good information that prevents people from making the right choices.

With my guidance Secret Entourage will help you establish good habits for healthy living, which will provide a solid foundation to support you in all of your future endeavors.

I will connect the dots for you and explain how some of the same dietary and supplementary choices suggested for a better performance in the gym will also allow you to perform better in your professional environment.

Here is a sneak peak for a few of our future articles:

Three dietary supplements that EVERYONE (from an Olympic athlete to your grandparents) needs to take!

Pre-workout supplements are all the rage these days. I will tell you how to achieve the same boost of energy promised by the leading brands for pennies a day.

Eggs – Long considered a cholesterol causing menace, more recently it has been deemed a Super food that should be part of your daily healthy diet.

Trouble sleeping? I will provide you a band-aid approach for immediate relief and explain why it may be worth your time to seek professional help.

Knowing how to take care of yourself is as important as knowing how to make money. There are a million ways you can make money but they are all irrelevant if you are not healthy enough to enjoy them. Taking care of yourself by knowing the facts and then deciding for yourself what you should do is the key to a healthy lifestyle.