Texas Outlaw Run

texas outlaw run

“One day the good lord will get me, but the law never will” – Gumballer 2003

The Gumball Rally is know worldwide for being one the biggest and most expensive car rallies in the world, ranging from driving across multiple countries to partying in the world best locations. It is also know to have a very significant cost. Most Gumballers will tell you that an average rally costs them well over $100,000 by the time its all said and done. Since not everyone can afford to party and blow $100,000 over a week’s worth of driving mayhem, there are alternatives to the craziness… One of those alternatives is the Texas Outlaw Run which despite not costing as much can be equal amounts of insanity.

We sit down with Benjamin Surman to find out more about who these Texas Outlaws really are..

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What is the Texas Outlaw Run? Is it like Gumball 3000? What specifically made you come up with that idea?

The 2010 Texas Outlaw Run is a 4 day rally that is based just in Texas. It is the same concept of the Gumball, minus the distance and venture through other states. The idea came about after realizing many other regions of the US were doing all types of rallies and cruises, yet Texas has not. Events will pass through but there has never really been anything of this size done in Texas. Texas has a lot to offer when it comes to auto enthusiasm, yet there has not really been any great media coverage for it. With the Texas Outlaw Run I hope that we can get that long awaited coverage, in addition to benefiting a great cause.

How long have you been working on this?

I have been organizing and planning out this event for well over a year now. Though it is just an event, the development process is similar to that of developing a solid business. It has taken a lot of time to get it where it is now, but like anything, good things come with time. The time that has been invested into this even will not be wasted either, this is not the last Texas based rally you will see.

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Running rallies from my experience is not as easy as people think, the coordination required is vital. Can you tell us more about how much work goes in each event?

Rallies of this size do take a lot of negotiating, patience, persistence, determination and coordination. There are a lot of figures that need to be laid out and of course you must determine how you will market it to make sure those figures are met. And for starters you have to know what the purpose is and what goal needs to be achieved. You have to figure out where you are going to go, what you are going to do, approximate when you will get there, so-on and so-on. Before the event had even turned into something I traveled the route I had in mind, spotted places that would be of interest and then went from there. I have even gone to the extent of plotting out every gas station along the way for the participants, because not everyone will travel with the same gas mileage or speed. It is pretty much an open time frame during some parts of the event. The main key is to make sure that no matter who gets where first or last that everyone will have a great time and that it will leave a lasting impression and have them waiting for the next rally.

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Why Texas?

As mentioned before, Texas has a big automotive scene with people who live for speed and the excitement of the automotive scene. Outside of the touring car shows and the monthly meets, there has not really been a rally of sorts to brag about. Texas has a lot to offer to the motoring community, it was time for a rally like this as a celebration for the automotive community in Texas.

Is there real money to be made in the rally industry? or is this simply a hobby?

Of course, with the right determination anyone can make money from a rally, cruise, or even a car show. However, the figure can vary and an earning should not be the focus of the event. Rallies, cruises, and shows are a hobby. The real goal is to leave a memorable impression for participants and spectators alike. I have been to and have helped put on many events where the spectators come back just as much as the participants. As you may know from personal experience, being in the automotive community is an addiction.

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Tell us about yourself and how you fit in the rally scene? Any partners helping you?

I myself love rallies. Whether it is a full blown organized event or just a local get together; there is no better place to be than with a group of 20, 40, 60 or 100 cars taking on the road together. Whether it is a local rally or a rally like the Texas Outlaw Run, if you have not been on one then you are missing out on life! You are guaranteed to have fun. Every time I am on a small rally or even a larger rally, or even just a local cruise, the first thing to come from everyones mouth is some story starting with “did you see……”.

Partners, where do I start? So many people and organizations have been so supportive of the event. Even the local community is ecstatic about it, that just backs up the fact that Texas has a truly dedicated and supportive automotive community that will pride any event, show, or meet whether they go on it or not. I am extremely lucky to have gained partners such as AdvanceOne Wheels (ADV.1), American Wheel and Tire here in Houston, Detail Werkz in Dallas, Houston Lamborghini, Rever Clothing, Mr. Detail out in Austin, Gentleman’s Tonic in Houston, and Urban Speed / Urban Living in Houston as well who I help put on a monthly cruise and meet with. Our photographer, Alejandro Crisologo, in Austin has been a huge help to the event as well. He is a part of the team here and plays a huge role in many things we do. There are other businesses, like the Houston Motor Club, who are supportive in our efforts and have contributed to the event and other events greatly. Without the above partners and many, many, many other people the Texas Outlaw Run would not have grown to become what it is at the current moment.

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What is your main occupation?

I own and operate a design and marketing agency comprised of a group of talented freelancers; specializing in providing authentic design and developments in print and web for small businesses and large business alike. We cover it all from simple business card design to complex database developments.

Tell us about your personal collection of toys?

For my daily you will find me a bone stock Mercedes-Benz ML class. At events, if I am not in a passenger seat getting footage, you will see me driving a C6 Chevy Corvette.

What are some of the most impressive cars that have participated in your rallies?

We have quite a collection of vehicles who attend our events. You will find factory performance vehicles, exotics like a Gallardo Superleggera, LP670SV, Carrera GT, you will find luxury performance vehicles such as AMG S Classes and M5s, performance SUVs, full blown custom show stoppers like supercharged M3s with custom paint and wheels, off-road vehicles, and even classic cars like the Shelby Cobra 427.

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Any possibility that these Texas rallies would go beyond Texas?

There is a great possibility, future events have already been forming. I can guarantee you though that all of our events will start here in Texas and end here in Texas. I plan on switching it up a bit in the future and organizing events that are not your typical rally. You will just have to wait and see for what I mean!

Secret Entourage and Texas outlaw run will be working together in 2010 to bring a different perspective of news to our viewers, what can you tell us about some of the interesting  participants we will get to meet?

The people that will be on the Texas Outlaw Run and who attend many of our events put on by Texas Motor Events range from middle management, to upper corporate management, and of course successful entrepreneurs. They all range in their own personal financial worth, however they all share two things in common. One, the determination and keys to success, and two, the love and passion for motor sports and the automotive community. They all have their own ways of achievement, and they all have their own views on success. I believe you will have some great stories and insight from many of the participants who are more than happy to share their way to success.

The partnership between Texas Outlaws & Secret Entourage will bring more than just great stories to our readers, it will bring our readers the unique opportunity to participate in these rallied for much less than ordinary.

Secret Entourage members and followers have a special rate of $3,950.00 for the Platinum VIP package valued at $5,000.00 and then a smaller package at just $1,800($900 per person if they split the cost with their partner) and the other at just $2,500. These packages offer our members 20% off the original prices and gives you an opportunity to participate in a one of a kind experience.

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