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What Is The American Dream

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. - (Edison) Continue Reading

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Secret Entourage Lifestyle

We had our last casting call at Caribbean Breeze in Washington DC last month and are planning part 2 to be bigger and better than ever before. Thanks to all the judges and staff that helped us organize and deliver this event, and off course all the beautiful ladies that came out to try out for our 2010 Spring and Summer events.

Make sure to come out to Caribbean Breeze on Friday March 26th, 2010 for our last casting call of DC for 2010. Enjoy the latest video showcasing the Secret Entourage lifestyle…

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Secret to Success – SR Auto Group

We often ask those we see driving exotic cars what they do for a living, especially when they look younger than your average Lamborghini Driver, but when you see the latest Aston Martin DBS, Lamborghini LP640, Mercedes CL65, Range Rover Supercharged and Bentley GT driven by the same guy. Only one question comes to mind: Who are you? Meet Tony Yuen, a successful business man that heads the most respected luxury car shop in all of Canada.

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Secret Model – Asianna

asian import model

Secret Entourage is committed to bringing you some of the most beautiful ladies we can find, and it is with great pleasure that I present you our sexiest model yet: Asianna.

Asianna is half Korean and half American, but 100% Secret Model material. This was what we believe to be our best shoot and hope that you will all enjoy this as much as we did, but more importantly get a glimpse of the quality of things to come, make sure to check out our Wallpaper section for some high res shot of our sexy Secret Models.

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The New Pagani Zonda

Reader Question of The Week!


At Secret Entourage we want to interact with you, our readers and appreciate when you take the time to ask us a question. We try to answer all questions we receive via email, butĀ  some of the questions we receive are similar and therefore decide to post it and answer it for everyone’s benefit.

This week’s question: I am 18 years and i want to buy a car with my own money by next year, but i have no job and i am still mostly in school. I want to be very accomplished before i’m 25 years i.e have my own house an extra penthouse and a fleet of sport cars. How do i go about it?

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Lamborghini LP670 SV Photoshoot By Notbland

Once again Webb Bland has done it. Webb teamed up with Lamborghini Miami to photograph this stunning Arancio Atlas LP670-4 SV. Over the course of two days, Webb spent countless hours shooting in theĀ  most bizarre location for a Lamborghini. Webb also spent many hours on the incredible post processing. Once again Webb Bland has proved why he simply is one of the best. Don’t forget to check out our Webb Bland secret to success article on how he does it.

arancio atlas lp670 sv rear 2

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