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Meet Roy Cats, a man who makes money driving and enjoying some of the worlds finest Lamborghinis and makes no excuses for it, even if he had to flip burgers at some point in his life.

Since a very young age, Roy was always fascinated by the Lamborghini brand and what it stood for but unlike most who only dream of these cars, Roy knew that he would not only own one in the near future but he would also make money doing what he loves best, being around them all day long. So how does he do it?

We had the chance to speak with Roy of Cats Exotics about cars, business, women and good times and got to learn how the word Lamborghini and Cats Exotics became synonyms over the years.

What is Cats Exotics?

Cats Exotics is a car dealership specializing in exotics and high end vehicles. We have a very extensive network and stand by our motto “if we don’t have it, we’ll find it.” The great thing about Cats Exotics is it was founded on and run by and employs people that are extremely passionate about cars – they truly enjoy working with and selling high end cars of all types. This passion translates to finding the best cars, in the best condition and making sure we don’t settle for anything but the best.

How did you come up with that name?

Well obviously Cats is my last name and because of our specialization in exotic vehicles, I paired the two together for what I thought was a catchy and fitting name.

What made you decide to sell cars?

I have always had a passion for cars since I was a kid, I remember having a Plymoth GTO “Judge” in high school and ever since then it’s been in my blood. As I got more into buying cars I realized there was also money to be made selling cars. But really, it was my passion for the Lamborghini brand and bringing more people to the “dark side” as I like to call it. Basically I wanted everyone to know about Lambo’s the way I did.

Where did you grow up? What was your first job?

I split my growing up in California and the Seattle area. I went to Roosevelt High school in Seattle and my first job was yes, flipping burgers at Dick’s Drive-In. It was interesting seeing nice cars come through, it was never hate but rather motivation to get there that made me keep growing.  I wonder what the drive up guys say about me now that the tables are turned :).

roy cats diablo gold rush

Why sell Lamborghini as your main brand? Favorites?

I still have the first Lamborghini I ever rode in – and bought to this day. A 2001 Lamborghini Diablo SE #19 finished in Marrone Eklipsis. The day I took that thing for a test drive I was sold. It’s a different machine from any other exotic and blew the doors off everything else out there. I enjoyed it so much I drove it all the way to Seattle from Salt Lake City and have been everywhere in between. Obviously Diablos, particularly 6.0’s are my favorite as the represent all the best parts of Lamborghini in one – power, engineering, sexy style. Each one has it’s own characteristic and for that they are a blast to drive and be around.

How do you define success?

Doing what I love and being able to have a lifestyle where I get to enjoy myself, friends, and family in ways that make me happy I believe makes me successful. I am passionate about what I do and have built what I have from the ground up and those things combined allow me to look at my life and deem it successful. I also have two amazing kids that work with me and that I would say also makes me a successful person.

When looking back at when you first started Cats Exotics, How long did it take you before you knew you had made it? What was the turning point?

I think the second time I went on the Lamborghini Giro to Monterey Concourso Italiano weekend when not only were people recognizing who I was and what I did but you could look around and see cars I had sold, people I had made connections with, and the general feeling that I was someone “in the business”. From there I knew the sky was the limit.

What was the hardest moment you had in business?

Never have had a hard moment, only challenges. Each one has allowed me the fun to find a way to turn everything into a positive outcome. Challenges are the fun part of my day to day work and allow me to rethink myself and make sure that I am staying ahead of the business.

You seem to enjoy life to the fullest, tell us about your personal collection of cars, hobbies or women.

Of course I live life to the fullest! Why not?!? Life is about living, I love all of my different Lambos, each for different reasons and I love taking them out for a run whether it is a Sunday run through Northern Washington or a road trip such as Players Run, Lambo Club Run, etc. With that I also love other joys life brings such as traveling, and yes women of course! It comes with the territory, doesn’t it? I have a condo at the Palms in Vegas and frequent there each year numerous times just to relax and enjoy what Vegas has to offer. In short much of my enjoyment does revolve around my cars and the lifestyle it brings. I also enjoy relaxing by my pool on the beautiful days Seattle Summer brings.

What was your first car, how did you pay for it?

1957 Chevy 2 door post. Bought it when I was 16 with summer job money I had saved. Cost me $275.00. Times sure have changed, but the feel hasn’t changed a bit. The cars sure have, my new daily driver is the new Lamborghini Sv670 in White, I drive it even in the snow.

cats exotics Lamborghini lp670 sv

cats exotics lp670 sv

What advice do you have to those that can only dream of being in your shoes one day?

First of all do something you love. Knowledge is easy to gain if you love what you are doing and with knowledge comes power. With power, people respect you and start to come to you – they look up to you so to speak – and from that you can begin to use that to your advantage. Second, hard work. My day doesn’t start at 9 or end at 5 and my weekend doesn’t start on Friday like most people. When I first started and even today I am tireless in my pursuits and aspirations and that work ethic has gotten me where I am. It has allowed me to take the vacation or time off when I feel like it. But that goes back to the first point, it doesn’t feel like work since I love what I do.

Simply put, love what you do, and work hard. If you stay at it and develop the type of knowledge that other people find value in – that value will make you successful. And when you are that successful, you can come buy a car from me!

cats exotics diablo

We want to take a moment to say “Thank you” to Roy for taking the time to speak with us and wish him the best for the years to come. We will definitely be picking up our next exotic car projects from Cats Exotics and suggest you look them up for the most incredible and hassle free exotic car buying experience. Roy Cats was nice enough to give us some tips of what to look for in some of the most sought after exotic cars on the used market, make sure to check out his tips in our exotic car buying guide and please make sure you can afford an exotic by reading our cost of ownership guide.

Make sure to check out Cats Exotics and tell Roy you read his success story here.