Project M6 “Silver Bullet” Phase 1

As promised, we bring you the start of Project Silver Bullet, the worlds most economical M6.  We brought you How to Drive a Luxury Car for Free earlier and explained how you can drive cars like these for FREE but now comes the time to take this one step further. This project will help you see how the concept works and take it one step further showing you how a modified version of the perfect coupe can also be economical and not all about losing money.  Keep in mind that this project will be much different from our other projects like Aston Heaven or Mafia Boss. This one will not focus so much on creating the hottest M6 but rather break down all the business elements behind the madness rather.

Here is an introduction to the car…

Keep in mind that with every project, finding the right car is key but the right car isn’t just the right car to you but rather the right car in terms of three elements:

1. The Right Price: Finding a car close to Black Book value but rather in immaculate shape closer to what you might find a collector dumping. Harder to accomplish but with patience and good research everything is possible. (We will cover this next month)

2. The Right Car for You: Clean, no accidents, full records, desirable options and colors to you.

3. The Right Car for the Next Buyer: This is the one most neglect as they look for a car they enjoy, even if the color combo isn’t desirable or options lacking but affordable. Instead you should seek a car that others would appreciate and want to buy. Desirable colors to enthusiast and unique options that knowledgeable buyers would want.

Here are the specs on the M6 we chose for this particular project:

Purchased March 2011.

2007 BMW M6 coupe, 43000 miles, SMG transmission, Original MSRP $117,000

In service date of 12/29/2007, factory warranty expires 12/29/2011

Purchased with Certified Pre Owned BMW coverage included Extended Warranty to 12/29/2013

Condition: No dents, no accidents, no scratches, no paint work, & 100% stock car.

Options Packages:

  1. Harmond Kardon Sound
  2. Silverstone Metallic paint 2
  3. Full Merino Leather
  4. 6Cd changer
  5. Winter package
  6. Sport package
  7. Carbon Trim
  8. NAV
  9. Blue tooth
  10. Sat Radio
  11. HUD
  12. Keyless entry
  13. Illuminated door sills
  14. Parktronic
  15. Soft close doors

Very highly optioned car in highly desirable rare color that appeals to all is very important. The key points here that are unique in the options package are the metallic paint and soft close doors. These are rare options on a M6 and very appealing to many seeking such cars. Other options like the full leather package and carbon trim are very sought after basic options.

Other key selling points for the car were the clean records and full maintenance records BUT more importantly the 3 years worth of warranty remaining because that means that when you sell this car in a year, it will include about 2 years worth of warranty for the next buyer and make it more attractive than other 07’s in the market at that time.

Finding a clean unmolested car is the key, and making sure the warranty and options are desirable. Be sure to pick up your copy of How to Drive a Luxury Car for Free and see you next month when we discuss how to negotiate and make sure you get the “right” price.