Project Aston “Heaven” Starts NOW!

As we said goodbye to our infamous CLS55 AMG, and helped it find a new home…we say hello to our latest and greatest project yet:  the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, code named “Heaven” due to its very unique color and options package. We couldn’t stand looking at this in our garage unmolested and decided that it simply was not fair to have an Aston Martin unless its fully modified.

For this particular project, we call upon Sponsors like D2Forged, friends like Sr Auto Group and fans to help us make this another masterpiece. So what makes our car so special?

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Aston Vantage Project “Heaven” Phase 2

d2forged secret entourage vantage

A month has passed, and we have enjoyed putting an additional 2000 miles on our Aston Martin Vantage but as you all know time has come to start modifying this one of a kind Vantage. We last mentioned that we were going to call on a few sponsors to help us build the most stunning Aston Martin in the country and we had laid somewhat of a road map on the various modifications we might go with on this project. This month, we have solidified a plan and project “Heaven” is well underway…

Lets take a moment and introduce our sponsors as well as some of the components they will be providing for the project…

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Aston Martin Project “Heaven” Phase 3

secret entourage vantage

The Secret Entourage Aston Martin is far from over, and this month it is full of carbon fiber love, courtesy of our premiere sponsor, The Vantage Collection. We introduced you to The Vantage Collection last month as our aesthetics experts for this project. During phase 3 this month, we show you details of what the pure carbon fiber sent by Nicholas of The Vantage Collection looks like and give you our impressions on the parts as well as the car so far…

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Aston Martin “Heaven” Phase 4

Last month we brought you Phase 3 of our Aston Martin Vantage V8 project. We showed you the amazing carbon fiber work by our friends at the Vantage Collection and showed you how we completed the entire exterior with the V1 Carbon Fiber Splitter and the V2 Rear Diffuser. For Phase 4 we move on to the extensive first phase of our engine build up. The Aston Martin V8 Vantage is known for its overall appeal but is also known for its infamous lack of power. The 4.3 L V8 producing 380HP simply didn’t do it compared to our Gallardo or 911 Turbo. We called our friends at RSC Tuning and asked Stuart if we could do something to get this Aston to the 500 HP mark…

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Project Aston “Heaven” Phase 5

We covered the all mighty performance parts that VELOCITY AP supplied us with during our Phase 4 review but left you hanging right before unveiling our exhaust system upgrades. Exhaust on any exotic is almost as important as wheels, simply because no matter what power your exotic makes, the sound it makes is really what determines its head turning ability.

For our exhaust system, we looked at multiple options but ended up with the more docile one of the bunch, primarily because our car was already heavily modified and therefore we did not need the loudest or most powerful but rather the exhaust that worked best with our setup while retaining the sound of an amazing Aston Martin.

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Project Aston “Heaven” Phase 6

For the last 2 months we brought you all the cool Velocity AP Upgrades that enabled our wonderful Project Aston ” Heaven” to reach new levels of performance. This month, we change it up a bit to cover the interior components that were provided by our friend Nicholas of The Vantage Collection. We decided to keep our interior mostly stock except for a few pieces that we believe to be add-ons to what we call an already perfect interior.

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Project Aston “Heaven” Phase 7

It looks like our Project Aston “Heaven” is coming to an end soon with only one more phase left. We’ve completed all of our wonderful mods from Velocity AP, The Vantage Collection and D2 Forged and the time has now come to test out what our car can do in terms of power. Now before we get into power numbers, let me remind our followers that the Aston Martin Vantage was built to be a great fun and sporty cruiser but was not meant to deliver insane amounts of power, contrary to our Gallardo project; as the car is much heavier and is running a naturally aspirated V8 vs the Gallardo’s race inspired V10.

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Project Aston “Heaven” Final Phase

aston martin vantage

Well the winter is here and we are officially putting Project “Aston Heaven” to rest for the next few months. This will be the last update on the project and mileage log for those Aston fanatics that have been following our build. The car has come quite far from its original state and for those that haven’t seen all 7 stages of our built, make sure to go back and check out all the monthly Aston Heaven articles posted. Here is a breakdown of all that has been done…

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