Motivation 101 – Fear of The Unknown

When FEAR consumes almost 70% of the population from taking that leap of faith and calculated risks, one could see that more opportunities exist for those of us who are capable of overcoming this fear altogether.

The real question does remain “What are we so afraid of ?”

There seems to be a common theme across the board as to what you do not know is ultimately what you fear the most. In the pursuit of success, many fall short and allow fear to overtake their lives simply because of their fear of failure. The fear of not knowing the outcome of being an entrepreneur and losing time to an idea that has no guarantees of making it.
In investments, people fear the potential of losing money to an unforeseen market condition or change therefore choose to not invest into anything.

FEAR is the single challenge that ANY successful entrepreneur will tell you they have overcome in order to be successful.

Being afraid of what is behind the door that lies in front of every challenge, business or obstacle is normal but unacceptable. Fear is simply the one reason people do not get anywhere. If FEAR was something that you learn to overcome, then you can go through that door with the confidence that you can overcome anything behind it.

The problem most face, a lot of people choose not to take action regardless of their fear; their disbelief in their own abilities to overcome the challenges ahead setting themselves up for their own demise. This insecurity is the same insecurity that keeps people from approaching others in fear of rejection or fear of failure before starting a business. This inability to overcome yourself will keep you from succeeding in many things in life. From business to your personal life, it will be flooded in fear and uncertainty which ultimately will keep you in what I call your safe zone.  Your safe zone is what you are comfortable doing everyday, those activities that keep you knowing what reactions will occur from the actions are simple and keep you comfortable when in reality are costing you your life,by keeping you from advancing and moving your mindset forward.

It is so much easier to do what you know how to do and go through doors which you have gone through before but it is so much more rewarding to discover and conquer new grounds, push your mind further, and discover what the next frontier of success is. The only way to do this, is to take that step that you fear most.