This is Water – Perspective & Awareness

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While many of you know that Third Circle Theory is Secret Entourage’s lens and systematic approach to succeeding in any business at any time, those of you that actually read it will know that it is ultimately an eye opening experience about awareness and how to leverage it.  It wasn’t until recently that we watched a video on Youtube that really portrayed well the importance of awareness in real life rather than in business. This video applied a lot of what Third Circle Theory discusses to our day to day interaction as human beings.

So now that you watched the video, lets talk about why awareness matters in life and why it is a key component of getting ahead in life. Think about how amazing it would be if you could predict why certain things are as they are and what other people’s moves would be even before they performed them? What if you knew what an interviewer was thinking at an interview or if you understood how to actually get your message across to someone so they buy into it every time? These things are not magical but rather very possible by simply understanding the same concepts proved in the video above. “Awareness” is what water illustrated but what I am talking about goes beyond that. Its awareness coupled with “perspective”. When you combine the two you have to ability to not only understand the possibilities of what may be happening invisible to the eye but you are able to make calculated assumptions as to why these things would hold true based on who the action is coming from.

In other words try to think about it from this lens. If you can put patterns on people’s behaviors and quickly identify the possibilities of the situation, then you can predict what is likely to happen next. This is often true of people who have great negotiation skills and are able to do this on a smaller scale based on the situation they are in.

I’ll give you a simpler example of this that you might relate to. Since we spoke about negotiations, lets think of something we all have dealt with and negotiated about: cars. As annoying as it gets when you walk in the dealership and know that you are about to go to war to bring the prices down, I actually won’t buy a car from a dealer with fixed pricing simply because I don’t believe I need to be paying slightly more because others hate negotiating or suck at it. When you walk in, you typically get approached by a sales person or in most cases, you look for someone to help you negotiate a lower price. In other words, you go after the new guy that doesn’t know much cause he’ll probably cave in easier.  This method or way of thinking occurs due to the lack of awareness on how the industry works. If your awareness was present here, you would know that the most cocky and ballsy guys with all the awards make the best deals and make them faster.

There is two reasons for that:

1. They have more pull with their boss cause they sell more cars.

2. They don’t want to waste 3 hours with a client to make every last drop.

Lack of awareness means that you make moves based on assumptions, rather than understanding the core components of how things work.  The perspective part, however, plays here when you understand a lot about the person sitting there across from you and you realize the types of clients he deals with each and every day. In other words, you understand how he perceives you right from the beginning and  allow yourself to throw him off his guard by acting exactly different from what he expects. This immediately breaks confidence because it emphasizes the idea that he is wrong and can no longer confidently play his tricks as he originally was programmed to do so.  By understanding awareness, you are always in control of your environment and nothing in it can catch you by surprise, and by understanding perspective you are able to position yourself in a way others will play into your game rather than play into theirs even if the environment dictates otherwise.

This may seem very complicated and mind boggling to a few of you but I promise you that it goes very far if applied correctly but more importantly can be easily integrated into everything you do without trying so hard. If the concepts of manipulating your environment and mastering your awareness appeal to you, then imagine its power when harnessed and combined with your business acumen and check out Third Circle Theory for more info.