Reader Rides – Stephen’s Turbo NSX

Although we don’t feature many imports on Secret, we do have a soft spot for them as we’ve all grown up around that scene and have even owned some in the past. The 90’s was arguably the greatest generation for Japanese sports cars which gave birth to a ‘supercar’ from literally every make. Toyota made the Supra, Nissan had the GTR, Mitsubishi had the GTO, Mazda had the RX7, and Honda had the NSX. Although the NSX was slightly underpowered, it made up with superb balance and handling that rivaled many Italian exotics. When Stephen sent us photos of his astonishingly clean NSX, we knew we had to showcase it. Photos courtesy of Shiraki Photo and Cullen Cheung Photos.
Exterior Modifications
– Cantrell Studios Wide Body Conversion Package
– Completely Debadged
– Cantrell Studios GT-Series Front Bumper w/custom LED DRL’s
– 2002+ headlight Update kit: all factory parts:
– 2002+ factory style carbon fiber composite hood (painted to match)
– Downforce 02 Style Sports Rear Valence, modded for a single exhaust
– Volk Racing GT-V wheels, 18 front. 19 rear
– Custom paint, Grigio Telesto from a 07 Lamborghini lp640

Interior Modifications
– 1992 dash, no airbag
– Recaro Pole Position (black leather)
– Alcantra Headliner, Visors Roof, and Doors
– Rapid Steering Hub – black
– NSX-R Steering Wheel Horn Set
– Honda NSX-R Steering Wheel
– Kenwood touch screen double din Head unit
– ScienceofSpeed Display Pod
– HKS Camp II Gauge System
– Pioneer 8 inch flat sub woofers behind seats
– Rockford 100×4 amplifier
– AEM serial gauge
– Signature Series Billet Aluminum Instrument Cluster Rings, Machine Finish

Engine Modifications
– ScienceofSpeed forged low compression pistons
– bush small rod end for floating piston
– MLS head gasket set
– polished crankshaft journals
– full cylinder head & cylinder block internal gaskets, seals, & bearing set
– big flange stepped sleeved cylinder block machined & honed
– balanced & blueprinted rotating assembly
– ARP head stud kit
– sized billet chromoly steel connecting rods
– ScienceofSpeed 36mm SS intake valve set
– ScienceofSpeed 30mm Inconel exhaust valve set
– cylinder head port work
– Locking Timing Belt Tensioner
– ARP NSX Main Stud Kit
– ScienceofSpeed LMA Kit

Engine Modifications Continued
– ScienceofSpeed Dual Valve Springs
– ScienceofSpeed Titanium Valve Spring Retainer Set
– ScienceofSpeed Billet Oil Pump Gear Set
– ARC Baffled High Capacity Oil Pan
– ScienceofSpeed NSX Billet Camshaft Plugs
– Stage 2 NSX Front and rear Engine Mounts
– PWR Radiator with built in water/oil oil cooler
– Custom dual 10 inch radiator fans
– Custom built at home Headers and turbo manifold
– Custom built at home turbo system
– Precision Turbo pt67
– Tial wastegate and blowoff valve
– 4 inch downpipe, 4 inch muffler, and 4 inch single exhaust.
– Air to water Intercooler
– AEM Methanol Kit
– AEM ecu tuned by UMS in Tempe
– RC 750 injectors
– Walboro 225 HP fuel pump
– Upgraded fuel lines and filter

Suspension and Drivetrain modifications
– TEIN Mono Flex Suspension
– ScienceofSpeed Hydraulic Lift System
– Honda NA2 NSX-R front stabilizer & bushing
– Dali racing front and rear sway bars
– Movit Brakes, 4 piston “Porsche big reds” 12.5 inch rotor, with stainless lines
– NSX-R Chassis Reinforcement Set
– ScienceofSpeed Billet Twin Carbon Clutch
– NSX 5-spd – fully rebuilt & blueprinted with Cryo’ed gears