The Truth Hurts…

What if you were a failure? Would you want to know it?I often get picked on by my friends for being too blunt, and I am told that it is simply rude to tell someone they are fat, unsuccessful, stupid or ignorant but isn’t it the truth?  If someone has chosen to eat 10 times a day and have now gotten fat, it is rude to tell them that they are indeed fat? If your friend walked in a dealership and paid $20,000 for a Ford Focus and got a 15% interest rate despite having great credit, is it rude to tell him that he is stupid or ignorant which is why he got ripped off? If you haven’t achieved anything and yet criticize all your friends ideas, is it rude to tell you that you are unsuccessful?

Why is it that people don’t like to be told the truth about themselves? Why is it that if someone states the obvious, people considers them nasty or rude. Why do we have to look at society and its failures and simply accept them and act as if that’s just what it is, and that it shouldn’t be any different? I personally find it hard to believe that there is no room for improvement for those people and that we should just complement them on having a nice shirt instead of telling them to hit the gym. Wouldn’t you rather hear criticism from people you know or care about rather than the random people that you might need to interact with or impress down the road.

I’ll give you a simple example of that, a business related example at that. Being in a position of power, you often must interview people, some with experience and others without but one simple matter holds the same weight no matter what one interviews for, it is simply the way you dress and its not that simple unfortunately. In an interview, the dress code is much more complex than just what you choose to wear, it’s also how you wear it. So if you have gone to countless interviews and yet no one has told you how to wear your tie, or which colors to not wear then you simply keep making the same mistake. If however, I see you wearing your tie loose or simply wearing an ugly tie, and make a comment about it being loose or simply ugly, you are less likely to wear it the same way or even use the same color, especially not in an interview, therefore increasing your chances to now get the job you want.  A simple comment/critic about your attire did not keep you from earning your dream role.

All I am saying is we are all experienced in something and all have different levels of experience, its time to stop making excuses for those around us that we consider friends/family and get them to start seeing what they can become, not what they are. Its time we look at life with a “no excuses” policy and make sure that the rest of our entourage is on board with the same guiding principle. Its time to change and help others change before the cruel world out there changes them for the worst.

I am not cruel, nor am I the fixer of the world but I do feel guilty if the ones I care for know or love end up missing opportunity or get criticized by random people when I could have helped them be better by simply not letting them get away with average, but rather nothing less than perfection as I know it. It better to crush their feeling one time, rather than watch them loose their dreams and desires for the rest of their lives. So make a change, and say something.