How To Make It In America

how to make it in america hbo

Recently HBO piloted a new series from the same people that brought you the all famous and award winning “Entourage”. The new show is called “How To Make It In America” and it is a new series that we plan to follow very closely as there are some great resemblances between Secret Entourage and this new show. The show’s setting is Brooklyn, NY where two young guys decide that they are tired of their day to day lives and decide to hustle their way to the top…

Featuring lead actors Brian Greenberg, Victor Rasuk and Kid Cudi, the staff is nothing to be excited about and the show on top of that is all about failures, which sure as hell are not as fun to watch as the lavish lifestyle of the folks on Entourage. The characters take some time to get used to and end up not being liked as much, as they are in a way just a bunch of failures trying new things to get rich and often make mistakes that are somewhat obvious and shouldn’t be made, BUT the real kick for me here is he message that each character’s personality is throwing out to the viewer without saying it but rather through actions.

Brian Greenberg’s character is one regular guy working at Barney’s NY clothing store and going by his day to day life without doing anything out of the ordinary to get what he wants. He recently broke up with an ex he still loves, can’t seem to be strong enough to pick up ladies, and has settled for somewhat for a poor ordinary life, which he doesn’t love but decides to do nothing about.

how to make it in american bryan greenberg

Victor’s character on the other side is the Latino immigrant who wants to get rich quick and is out to make a difference, but due to his background of growing up in bad neighborhoods and among thugs, he seems to only get caught up in hustles that involve quick cash with the risk of losing your legs. The different though is that despite constant failures, hard times and the lack of a brain, nothing seems to be stopping him from jumping from one idea to the next.

These 2 characters compliment each other very well, as they need one another’s quality to succeed but neither has the ingredients for success by themselves. One holds the desire and balls, the other is smart and logical but by themselves they are simply on a destructive path in their own way. The setting being NY is quite ideal as the city is busy and lots of variables occur that are out of one’s control which makes the next few episodes possibly full of surprise.

The reality is that How To Make It In America is full of good points and lessons and that unfortunately I have a feeling that How To Make It In America will not do as well as expected, due to the fact that America simply doesn’t like to look at failure, regardless of what reality is and that the majority of the world is a failure, it simply doesn’t want to watch itself because it knows its ugly, but rather see the smokescreen they believe their life can be. The show Entourage which is the exact opposite of this show seems to demonstrate the easy successful life some have but this show demonstrates that failure and hard work are major factors in the pursuit for success. We enjoyed watching the first episode and liked the raw aspect of the show, it is well aligned with the lessons and common sense tips we bring you and therefore will follow it for a bit to see where it goes. Mark Wahberg is behind How To Make It In America as well, so we are confident that it might get changed but it won’t fail.