Looking For Your Purpose?

What if you never find it? What if you spend a lifetime looking for it without ever understanding what it was? Many do and many will even go as far as saying that they never had purpose other than living their life, giving birth or simply being part of a family. It is often true that people who feel this way justify their existence through building a family or having children. Was that ultimately their purpose or did they simply give up as they felt it was the best they could do?

Finding your purpose can take time, but also requires keeping your eyes always open and being able to envision a much bigger picture than the one you are in.

Many may feel like they do not have purpose and find themselves unmotivated by life but rather motivated by the purpose they create for themselves such as a partner or child they feel they must provide for. There is a chance that their purpose was just that, and they served it well but there is a larger chance that they simply took the easier way out. Few of us are visionaries, while many of us are catalysts for those visionaries.  Many of us are simply here to help become facilitators and enable certain visions come to life, while others are here to lead the way creating those visions.

How do you know which role you take?

Visionaries often picture a better world, one for themselves and others around them, they dream large and act quickly often feeling like there isn’t enough time in a day. A visionary can not only picture his/her future but often has a sense of unlimited motivation to better himself in order to accomplish at a higher level than expected. Often described as a self motivated individual with drive and passion for certain things, visionaries often take on leadership roles as it is easier for them to create a vision in their work, even when not associated with a personal cause.

Facilitators on the other hand are equally important but entirely different. They often can envision how their skillset can improve or create a vision explained to them. They often get motivated by others but often find motivation by their progress in their work. Often technical people or people possessing unique skillset, facilitators find their purpose by accomplishing what they believe others cannot do as well. They take a lot of pride in their work and often are known to be perfectionists.

Ultimately a person doesn’t know which he/she is even in times when things fit in the above equation. It is the experiences we have that enables us to understand if we become a creator or facilitator in society but ultimately it is through these events that as people we get a better understanding of where we stand and what we are here to do…