Hooked on Driving at PBIR

We recently had the chance of being part of Hooked on Driving, a cool event geared towards the great car people of Palm Beach Florida. A series of exotics showed up as well as awesome tuned cars for a day of great fun at PBIR (Palm Beach International Raceway). There isn’t much to say about the event other than it was a lot of fun and we will be participating in many more in the months to come…

Hooked On Driving is a high performance driving program, known as HPDE (high performance driving experience) or HPDS (high performance driving school) at Palm Beach International Raceway that was held on Saturday, April 30, 2011.

Hooked on Driving provides drivers with high performance cars and sports cars the chance to drive their personal cars on the road course with driving coaches. Gates opened at 10am, with sessions running from noon until late as 8pm. The registration fee was $325.

For more information check out Hooked on Driving.

Photo Credits: Visual Precision Photography.