Project M6 – Silver Bullet Preview

secret entourage m6

Secret Entourage recently picked up a new daily driver coupe to complement our Maserati Quattroporte. So we decided on the BMW M6 as our next daily driver project car but this one will be quite different as we will show you how for as little as $600 a month, you too can drive an M6 using our “How to Drive a Luxury Car For FREE” system. We have many plans for modifying this masterpiece but will do so on a budget to help educate others how driving and enjoying modified pieces of art doesn’t have to cost you but rather help you make money. This will be the first Secret Entourage Project car that will be focused on the business side of owning such a car rather than the pleasures of driving it. We will cover everything from Cost of Ownership to Cost of modifications and will even go as far as talking about what the true costs of the car was! Stay tuned next month…


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