Is It Arrogance or Ignorance?

Many of you know why Secret Entourage was founded, it was to change the perspective of Generation Y and help bring a voice to this important generation who has lost itself into this non-sense of instant gratification. For those that have not yet understood what Secret is, please READ THIS. Generation X as well as Generation Y are still struggling to adapt to the world we live in and this problem is going to continue to get worst until we start having a voice in everything that is going on from politics to education, but its simply not happening… so I ask is it arrogance or ignorance?

The biggest drawback we face as a nation is our inability to blend in with one another, our separations as a country are significant as Republicans and Democrats fight, Black people and White people clash, and races and religion don’t get along. Now a new clash exists, one that is silent and not as obvious but equally deadly. The generational clash of Y and X are becoming more and more apparent in the world of business and are slowly becoming a larger threat to our country as both sides simply refuse to give in. I call this the Arrogance VS Ignorance syndrome which is nothing more than an ignorant generation fighting an arrogant one.

The Arrogance: Coming from Generation Y as this generation simply refuses to see the viewpoint of Generation X in working the traditional way and being successful within a 10-15 year window. Generation Y chooses to simply seek money, and not get involved in politics or anything else that doesn’t bring them entertainment. Generation Y focuses primarily on entertainment and loves to come up with ideas but lazy habits and arrogance towards instant gratification makes them blind to the reality they choose to stay uninvolved in.

The Ignorance: Coming from generation X as this generation is set in their ways and has very little faith in today’s new generation as they are not accustomed to all the new technology and all the new things going on in today’s world.  There is ignorance towards technology and ignorance towards today’s ideas which are highly effective but web based and out of their reach. Many business minds in Gen X want to grow and learn but their inability to understand Gen Y’s arrogance and dynamic ways makes them go back in their shells and refuse to blend with the new.

So which generation is right and which needs to change?

Generation X is now fading away but it must not be forgotten as many great lessons can be learned and ultimately history does repeat itself meaning that at some point their experiences will come in handy for us to make sure we don’t fall in the same manners they did during their years, but it is ultimately on Generation Y to grow up and start taking control of the future.

Generation Y needs to lose that arrogant attitude towards thinking they know it all and the feel that they need not be involved in things that are not directly related to their lives. Ultimately, the world is now in the hands of Generation Y and the more time it wastes staying absent from politics, world issues, and following media and focusing on entertainment instead of success, the further into a hole the country goes… ultimately it will be too late and instead of recovery it will be a lifetime of undoing what has been done.