Gems By J.Wade Signature PVD Mens Bracelet

It isn’t often that Secret Entourage runs into a piece of jewelry that we would want to wear outside a timepiece so when our friend Jason at Gems by J.Wade called us and told us he made a bracelet we weren’t very receptive to the idea but we still agreed to check out the bracelet as Jason’s reputation is second to none when it comes to quality.

For those of you that are not familiar with Jason and his work, we highly recommend you check out Gems by J.Wade to see some of his previous creations and the quality of his custom pieces.

We really liked this bracelet as the quality of the piece is very high and the finish is clean and crisp giving it the right look to wear with a more casual watch on the other wrist. The weight is just heavy enough and not intrusive. When we received our piece, pricing wasn’t quite set yet and we expected it to cost over a $100 but Jason apparently did us a favor on this one and set a volume price of $45 for each including shipping.

Here are more details from Jason on this particular piece.

This stainless steel bracelet is made up of oval links that are squared off to give them a bit of an industrial look. The links are the perfect size to give it just a bit of chunkiness without making it uncomfortable or bulky. I gave the whole bracelet a black PVD/Ion coating except for the clasp which is high polished, I wanted a touch of white in there to match with most guys wedding bands. It has a great weight without being too heavy. Ive worn it the last 4 months to make sure the coating would hold up and remain durable. I wear it daily and every night soak it in a mixture of all-purpose cleaner and rubbing alcohol, it still looks like new with no scratches or chipping.

I’m going to offer these at a touch over my cost. I most likely will never make this style again so these will be somewhat limited as I only made 100 of them. I have 2 standard sizes, 8.75″ and 9.375″ so please specify size when ordering. I have a 7″ wrist and the 8.75″ fits perfectly. All pricing includes FedEx ground shipping in the domestic USA, International shipping is extra. 100% money back guarantee on the item, if it doesn’t meet your standards for any reason at all I will refund your money 100% and I will pay for return shipping!! Please use the PayPal link below to complete transactions, alternatively you can mail me a check. Please email me for more details