2000HP Supercar by 215 Racing

lamborghini indomable

The wicked minds of Daniel Chinchilla Ochoa and Alberto Fernandez Albilares came up with the Lamborghini Indomable concept for a recent design program that the maker sponsored. Although Lamborghini passed on the car, the 2000hp machine will be going into production after being picked up by a small company in Abington, Pennsylvania called 215 Racing.

215 Racing acquired the rights to the design and started a DBA called Mostro Di-Potenza, or “monster power” in Italian. The car itself was named the SF22, as many of the exterior design qualities were inspired by the F22 Raptor jet fighter. One of the designers was quoted saying “Soft transitions between the surfaces with hard cuts are the main design cues. These create the functional elements of the car. The side view shows an abstraction of a folded wing, which gives the feeling that the car is waiting for the action, like a jet fighter before the take off in a carrier.

lamborghini indomable

To help the car live up to its name it will be powered by a GM produced 9.4 liter V8 that has been fitted with twin-turbos and mounted in the middle of the car, boasting 2,000 horsepower and keeping the weight evenly distributed. Although 2,000 hp sounds nice, I think a Lamborgini-inspired supercar needs at least 10 cylinders, if not 12.

More specs on the car are yet to be released, but I do not have high hopes. Mostro Di-Potenza have scheduled to produce 50 cars total at a rate of two per month with a final price tag of $950,000. However, they are only accepting $1,000 deposits on the car. This seems a little low considering production costs have to be deep into the six-figure range if this car is going to run you nearly one million dollars out the door.

lamborghini indomable

Either way, I am interested to see what 215 Racing manages to do with the car. They are located about an hour from me, so who knows, maybe Secret will do an insider look of their production facility in the future. Until then, happy motoring.

-The Ace