Porsche 918 Spyder Concept – Fastest Green Car Ever?

porsche 918 hybrid

Porsche’s newest spyder is here, and its not a 911, a Boxster or Carrera GT but rather a blend of all 3. The new Porsche Design 918 Spyder is more than just a blended concept, it is the first true Green car that Porsche introduces to Geneva. Surprisingly I think this is the first green car that is actually not ugly, but rather beautiful, in fact even more beautiful than the non-hybrid Porsche Boxster or the 911 series. The most impressive part of this concept is that it is very likely to go into production as Porsche has never introduced something to Geneva that it didn’t end up putting into production.

There is also the fact that it is very fast and according to the rumored hybrid twin motor V8, it will be producing relative power to a 700Hp car. 700HP while getting close to 75 MPG, making this the most efficient and powerful sports car on the planet which is very bizarre as those two words don’t come to play often in the car world.  The Porsche 918 Spyder is supposed to be able to execute the nurburgring in less than 7 minutes which makes it faster than the $450,000 Carrera GT and being able to top 198mph is no joke either.

This car has all the ingredients for Porsche to make a come back in the exotic car market while showing its ability to lead through its technology which has always been more reliable and usable than its counterparts at Ferrari.

geneva porsche 918 spyder

The interior design is where the car really shines as it simply looks to be a very technologically advanced version of the Carrera GT and full of beautiful carbon fiber, which means it gets thumbs up from us at Secret Entourage.

The exterior design at first glance appears to be Boxster based but the aggressive features of the car as you get past the hood seem to say Carrera GT with a scent of 911. The reality is the design is more Mclaren meets Porsche, which is a combination that is very well executed. All 4 angles are simply striking and leaves you wanting to see more.

porsche 918 spyder rear concept

The car has yet to be announced into production but a few facts remain that makes us believe this will be more than a just a concept. Porsche has now unveiled the future for us car guys by showing that being Green friendly doesn’t mean sacrificing the passion we all have for exotic cars, this car is the perfect example that hybrid technology can be used to increase power as well as help the climate.  The technology for this car might be quite a bit expensive for our times but it doesn’t mean that bits and pieces will not show themselves in the future of our favorite 911’s and Boxsters, and therefore we keep our fingers crossed that Porsche will eventually release a production car as cool and beautiful as the Porsche 918 Spyder Concept.

porsche_918 spyder concept interior picture

porsche 918 spyder concept