Is The Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

It is often interesting to observe those around you to get a good understanding on the differences in perspectives when it comes to attitude. It enables you the opportunity to understand more about yourself and perhaps realize why you have been the one missing the mark rather than the other way around.

Think about your day and those around you, then ask yourself how many of them are considered positive during their day to day routines while how many actually always see the negative in everything. Your outlook on life is no different than your attitude in life, the more you see potential in things and the more optimistic you remain towards everything, then the more likely you are to get to your goals and allow the positive flow of energy to help you.

Misery loves company and it is so much easier to find faults in everything or see everything that doesn’t work as the reason for failure but it is also a waste of time. Positive outlook and positive attitude leads to a solution driven life and not a problematic one like those negative people experience. You can either choose to be the problem by constantly bringing it up and discussing all that is bad, not working out, or causing you headaches, or be the solution by thinking positive, not repeating the negative, and rather concentrating your mind on creating solutions to create positive outcomes.

Everything you do in life is a result of the effort or actions you put forward and if those are negative in nature, it is likely that the reactions will be too and will create a loophole of negativity rather than allowing you to grow.

Looking at the glass half full or half empty is no different as you are unconsciously saying that there is room to grow by adding water or perhaps losing opportunities as the water is running out. One will lead to positive thinking while the other will lead to haste decisions that will hurt your growth.

So next time you think about the outcome you wish to create for yourself, ask yourself if your glass is half full or half empty.