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In the world of business, you’ll often hear that relationships are everything. It’s always who you know, rather than what you know. When PUR Wheels launched as a relatively new wheel company, it established a partnership with our good friend and exclusive tuning shop SR Auto Group. If you read our last article on SR Auto, you’ll notice their attention to detail which means only using the best matching wheels for their project cars. With SR Auto Group’s exclusive clientele, PUR Wheels has already graced such vehicles as the Lamborghini Reventon or Ferrari 599 GTO. As a new partner of the Secret Entourage network, we talked to three designers (3D, Website, Architect) and how they came together to start PUR Wheels.

What was the driving force in creating PUR Wheels?

The driving force to start PUR Wheels was simply our mutual desire to bring our ideas, concepts, and vision to life. It began with a sketch that evolved into a render, and eventually, became a concept that launched a business. Unlike many wheel company stories that boast a decade of experience in the automotive industry, our background and passion begins with design. Our team is an ensemble of a 3D / CAD graphic designer, a web developer, and a commercial architect.

Who are the secret individuals behind PUR Wheels?

Joshua Qi is our lead designer, visionary 3D artist, my full-time business partner and cousin. With over 7.5 years of experience in the design industry, he has traveled the globe and worked for prominent companies throughout Asia. We have always shared a passion for anything on wheels, so naturally, I sent him my ‘rough’ drawing  – and before you know it, he had rendered our very first design.

Alex Levin is responsible for our business structure and bridges PUR with an infinite network of manufacturers, dealers, and potential clientele. He possesses a remarkable eye for design, and it is often his input or slight adjustment on a drawing that will take a design from average to astonishing. I met Alex over 6 years ago, when he contacted me to create his company’s first website. I have been working with him ever since. A true entrepreneur at heart, Alex was the first person to jump on board when I presented him with the PUR concept.

As for myself, my name is Kevin Qi – web developer, avid photo/videographer, and wheel fitment fanatic. Looking back, I would never have imagined that these random skills would be the launching pad for a business. Like Joshua, being a freelance designer gave me the ultimate flexibility to travel and work in different parts of the world. Ironically, Alex was one of my first clients, and watching the way his company expanded over the years fueled my passion to create PUR Wheels.

pur wheels

What sets you guys apart from other wheel companies?

The traditional way of thinking is creating a wheel that will fit as many applications as possible to maximize return. The result is a generic design that becomes reproduced, replicated and recycled.

We are not interested in domination of an industry, but rather becoming recognized for our distinct flair of creativity that PUR represents. We focus solely on Lamborghini, Ferrari and Maserati applications. This gives our team the ultimate freedom and a sense of dedicated focus. This results in tailor-made designs that flow seamlessly with the natural curves and accent the unique characteristics of your exotic .

What makes PUR Wheels stand out is we are not trying to stand out.

Many could argue that the wheel industry is saturated, how have you remained competitive?

Although we are new to the game, we are fortunate and grateful to have the support of some of the brightest players who have a wealth of experience in the industry. Since our official launch this summer, we have had an extremely positive response. We accredit this success to our dealers in Vancouver, Canada – SR Auto Group, and in Texas, USA – Wheel Experts Automotive Group.

In a short few months, we’ve been able to establish a global presence in the UK, Australia, and Hong Kong. I believe we have just touched the surface and the best is yet to come.

pur wheels

Tony of SR Auto Group is our good friend and his work speaks for itself. How did you two link up?

SR Auto Group is the first company that I contacted before our designs even went into production.  The very first time I talked to Tony, he literally created an entire marketing concept for us over the phone. Since that phone call, we have been working with SR ever since. I am sincerely grateful for all the support, guidance and marketing exposure that they have provided for us.

What is your design philosophy when creating a new wheel?

There is no formula or process. We’ve never actually sat down together and said, “okay, let’s design a wheel”. We are always brainstorming anytime, anywhere. Traveling has really opened our eyes to different designs, and I would say architecture is a major inspiration to what we do.

pur wheels

You know we love our modern home architecture here at Secret, where do you get your inspiration from?

Modern architecture is the foundation of PUR Wheels, but ultimately, we draw inspiration from every era. One of my favorite architects is Herzog & de Meuron. They are the Swiss firm renowned for creating the Beijing National Stadium in 2008.

Their diverse portfolio and amazing history is inspirational from a design and business perspective. Wonder Wall Inc, is another source that we use to get our creative waves flowing. A ‘new concept’ interior design firm, they have flipped the landscape of Japan and are breaking boundaries in every aspect around the world.

Is there one car you guys would like to see your wheels on?

Lamborghini Aventador. Hands down.

What wheel models are currently out and what can we expect to see soon?


pur 1ne

pur 1ne

pur 1ne


pur 2wo

pur 2wo


pur 3hree

pur 3hree

pur 3hree

PUR 2WO Deep Concept

pur 1ne concave

pur 1ne concave


pur 4our

pur 4our

We would like you all to give a warm welcome to PUR Wheels. It will be exciting to watch this company grow and from what we hear, they have some serious projects in the works.

Check them out at PUR Wheels, Facebook,  & Flickr.