A Black & White Maserati Love Affair

In saying goodbye to our Project “Mafia Boss“, we decided to bring you a collection of what we believe to be some of the best Modified Maserati Quattroporte’s to date. Many attempt to modify a car but not everyone knows how to put together an epic combo of parts when tweaking something that is already near perfect. Project “Mafia Boss” was recognized by many forums and publications as one of the hottest and cleanest 4 door cars ever built but other did follow suit with some awesome versions as well.

For those that did not follow our project, here are some shots of “Mafia Boss”.  A big thank you once again to our sponsors Formula Dynamics, ADV1 Wheels, Larini Exhausts, Ferrari of Ft Lauderdale and Nitto Tires for their support of our built.

The next black contender in the Maserati game this year was Vossen Wheels with their new concave CV1 wheels, and when combined with lowering springs and blacked out GT grille, worked just as nice. A very different contrast than our all blacked out car but yet very well put together and classy.

Moving on to our white masterpieces, our friends D2 Forged recently took it home with a flawless white Quattroporte GT sitting on their CV3-LP design. A functional 3 piece wheel that weighs right about the same as a monoblock. The combo once again create a unique and different look but very much in line with the car.

Last but not least is by far one of our personal favorite cars ever built by Vossen Wheels and despite being old still remains one that comes back anytime Quattroporte wheels are being discussed. The very well put together white GT is sitting very low on KW coilovers and looks great on those 3 piece split spoke wheels.

These cars are by far our 4 favorite Quattroportes ever put together by a tuner; they are sexy, classy and yet do not take the essence of the car away but rather enhance its lines. If you feel like you know of a better car out there for us to add to this collection, join our discussion in our forum.