7 Things that Successful Entrepreneurs do Differently


There is a popular trend on social media at the moment that talks about us all having the same amount of hours in the day as Oprah and Richard Branson. How do some entrepreneurs get so much done in one day? It’s been proven that working longer and harder is not a recipe for success. So what exactly are the successful ones doing differently? Here are seven of their dirty little secrets.

  1. Love What you Do

Successful entrepreneurs stay in high vibration doing work they love. Passion and inspiration are a powerful combination. And as Steve Jobs reminds us ‘the only way to do great work is to love what you do.’

Find your passion and even when you’re distracted and swayed, stay there.

  1. Eye on the Prize

The more clarity you have on your vision the more real it becomes. The power of visualization is not just about seeing, it’s also about feeling. Successful entrepreneurs feel what it’s like being on top of the mountain, not the climb to get there. They see their path as one of greatness, taking them to their destiny.

Connect with your vision daily, through a vision board, mantras, a quiet walk, meditation, whatever works for you.

  1. Present and Real

Big hairy ass goals are great but they can also be damn hard to achieve. Successful entrepreneurs accept where they are now. They start with small steps whilst keeping an eye on the big vision. Goals are more achievable when broken down into manageable stages, ninety-day challenges or weekly goals.

Set a daily focus and ask yourself, for each activity you do, ‘is this taking me closer to my goal?’

  1. Pay to Play

Successful people rarely resemble the person they started out as in business. Investing in personal and business development is a non negotiable for all successful entrepreneurs. Further education, programs, books, coaching, summits and seminars all play a part. This passion for learning, expanding and growth is inherently in their genes.

Learn from those that have gone before you how to grow and develop in your business, so that you can in turn inspire others.

  1. Mindset Mastery

The mindset piece is hands down, the most important piece to the puzzle.

Mastering your mind is a lifelong journey. Until you get comfortable going deep with the things that are holding you back, you can’t truly expand and flourish. As Mike Dooley reminds us, ‘thoughts become things.’ Everything you’re thinking gradually starts to become your reality. Get some perspective on those thoughts and speak to yourself like you speak to a loved one.

Meet your shadows, recognize your fears and move past them. Something great awaits on the other side of fear.

  1. A Meeting of Minds

Tim Ferris says ‘we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.’ So choose carefully. If we could manage to achieve everything on our own we’d more than likely have achieved it all by now, right? Successful entrepreneurs have support around them, like-minded people who inspire them and keep them accountable.

Surround yourself with like-minded people who can support you, propel you forward and keep you accountable.

  1. A Deep Desire

This drive for achievement and success, or ‘hunger’ as Tony Robbins calls it, is something that sets the successful apart. It’s this hunger that fuels the body and keeps the tank full. It’s linked to your passion and your why from point number one. The ‘hungry’ have a clear purpose and an unwavering focus on the end result.

No matter how you feel, you need to get up, show up and never give up. Are you incorporating these habits into your daily routine? Keep them consistent and you will soon start to see the difference. Here’s to your success!

Business Growth Strategist of Helen Roe
Helen Roe is a Business Growth Strategist and Marketing Mentor for business owners who want to lead an extraordinary life. She helps entrepreneurs package their expertise, market it and generate lasting profit.