52 Reasons Why Our Fans Think You Should Follow Secret Entourage


Since it would be fair for us to tell you to check out Secret Entourage and all of its different channels, we figured we would ask our fans on our social networks to tell you why they love Secret Entourage and why it needs to be part of your daily morning routine. Here are the best 52 responses by our loyal fans. So you know we mean business.

  1. SE posts tend to make you want to get off of Facebook and start getting shit done- more often then not, if you’re on FB, you’re wasting time. SE helps to keep me focused on the important things. – Kingshuk Mukherjee
  2. We are a product of our environment… you are like those you are around. S.E. is a place where you can plug into a positive attitude in a negative world. A place to recharge your batteries and KNOW you are doing the right thing by stepping out on that branch, when everyone else thinks you are nuts. You want to end up like an NBA (Never Be Anybody), go to a bar… you want to get that smile back on your face, wind back in your sails and some “can do” attitude in your soul… you come HERE – Erik Dahowski
  3. Follow SE because of mindset. I want to see things in my Facebook feed that help me with my mindset and keep me focused on my goals! Secret Entourage Does that for me, i see your picture’s and updates and they are always congruent with my goals. #ambition – YoungAmbition Purcell
  4. Personally, the Secret Entourage establishment has given me a feeling of Purpose and a brighter vision of life through an entrepreneur attitude. It has definitely reshaped my mindset and strengthened my goals of success through their forums, community, resources and daily advice. I encourage anyone in pursuit of success to join the Entourage!! – Jean Pellerin
  5. Honestly, SE isn’t for everyone. It takes a certain type to succeed the way SE demonstrates. However, SE reminds those select few that motivation also takes work, and surrounding yourself with successful people and ideas always beats wasting time and energy on lesser goals. – Nino Batista
  6. Secret Entourage isn’t some gimmick. I come here for real info from real people. I have yet to find anyone else that posts the entrepreneurial success stories found here. Not only are they very informative, but motivational as well. You guys reveal secrets and aren’t scared to give out inside info for FREE. – Jake Spence
  7. Secret Entourage is a simple way to stay focused on innovation and leadership. There are so many factors that can be distractions on social media, but if we can focus every facet of our lives toward success using things like SE. Secret Entourage truly helps me focus no matter what! – Kiana Dyson
  8. Secret Entourage is about encouraging success and broadening ones horizons. There are no false promises or claims here – Jed Garner
  9. The success of others keeps me working on days I may have otherwise given up. -Steve Dimock
  10. I follow secret entourage is because I believe it is the secret to becoming not just a good man, but a great one. Their ideas are simple but true and nothing more. Often what this page preaches is looked past by the unsuccessful. Besides the motivation, the hot models, and fast cars, this everyday proves to me and those who give a damn about being something more than what society intends is that it is worth the second it takes to look around and ask the right question – Ricky Singh
  11. I follow Secret Entourage because it reminds me that coupled with my education should always be innovation! With out innovation we are nothing but a heard or cattle following societies drive. – Jonathan Harris
  12. I personally love Secret Entourage because it shows me what’s possible in my future. Most 20 year old kids care about partying and the new Grand Theft Auto… Secret Entourage reminds me what is possible in the near future if I stay motivated and continue to expand my entrepreneurial mindset. Not just the nice houses and cars, but more importantly the time freedom that comes with it that will allow you to truly enjoy the one life you get. It shows a more creative way of thinking and a better way of life  – Damian Jordan
  13. That’s my reason. Ya keep me me motivated – Austin Chiluk
  14. “SE” is the much needed daily stimuli that will raise you vibrationally in thought, leading you down a successful path for the day. – Mikal Laster
  15. Entrepreneurial education and inspiration to help you focus your vision and achieve real results. – Jesse Conboy
  16. SE isn’t just ‘another entrepreneur forum’ or another internet marketing Facebook group. They are individuals who have bonded from the principles in the 3rd circle theory and have formed a group from that philosophy. And it’s because they think this different, you will get that different. Redefining visionary. Redefining what entrepreneurs can really do and who they can be. – Jaxi West
  17. How else could you imagine the unending rewards of self refinement and business tactics if not from getting a taste of the good life from Secret Entourage – Kenneth Barr
  18. Surrounding your FB feed with inspiration and good energy, instead of all the bad vibes. – Erik M.C. Peterson
  19. I follow Secret Entourage because it has shown me that the dream lifestyle is not a far-fetched dream but actually attainable. Its all within reach all I need to do is be smart about it. – Keith Mmipi
  20. Because there is power in numbers instead of doing it all on your own. – Christian Adams
  21. In a changing state of a harsh economy entrepreneurs are constantly evolving with fresh ideas and methods to stay ahead of the curve. S.E. brings inspiration, motivation, and knowledge that’s allows the true entrepreneur within to blossom. -Aaron Satcher
  22. Because as entrepreneurs we are told no, you can’t do that, that will never work, you’ll never make that happen, and so much other negative talk. Secret Entourage is a place to recharge your inspiration, get refocused and dream big with like minded people. There aren’t to many of us out there that can put rubber to road and get shit done and we need to stick together! – Tom Olson
  23. Because Secret Entourage helps build your confidence regardless of your level of education. They also encourage you to follow your dreams, with a business plan being the paved road used to reach them. – Taylor Henry
  24. SE is very very Real and Positive and I know that I will arrive at my dream destination with it helping me – Jakob Parker
  25. SE is great for me because of the entrepreneurs you interview, the business advice you give, how you break down there business model into simple steps using awesome questions almost anyone with the right mindset could attempt it and exposure to the luxury and wealthy life style you can achieve by working hard at any age. – Zack Enkin
  26. Inspiration to keep going knowing I’m not alone in the world trying to do something different to make a difference. – Kevin Miller
  27. I follow Secret Entourage because I share their vision. Moving into the innovation economy, entrepreneurs will need more clarity and understanding in their visions and missions in order to succeed. SE gives entrepreneurs the basis for sharing that vision with each other. You ultimately need to be inspired and coached in order to be truly successful, and SE provides both inspiration and information to the entrepreneurial community online – Ocean Saleem Jangda
  28. Posts & articles that give a different way to think about situations, Articles to help you be a better person overall. – Mike Richter
  29. Secret Entourage is a source of inspiration for entrepreneurs and those that want ultimate success. They have their fingers on the pulse of the latest high end lifestyle trends and display information to those that aspire to have those things means to acquire such. – Frankie McGuire
  30. Constantly seeing inspirational quotes and pictures keeps me focused and driven. Connecting with fellow entrepreneurs through the Secret Entourage blogs also puts us in high gear to achieve our goals and dreams! – Evan Morisset
  31. It is the first motivation site that I found. Besides the daily motivation it also helps me educate myself to a higher level and hopefully I will ever be in one of your interviews. You can basically see SE as your favorite sports club but than for personal education. – Rostislav Igorovich Ilchenko
  32. Secret Entourage gives hope that even though some people may work a nine to five job, that one idea they’ve had since childhood could been a million dollar idea. What Secret Entourage does is give us the means to pursue that idea. – Caton McCarty
  33. The name “Secret Entourage” and symbol that is used for it carry a subliminal message of importance. When I see the name or “SE” symbol I know that I need to read or view whatever has just been posted. – Zach Willason
  34. Because, #SE is the food to becoming a GAME CHANGER. not only do they motivate my ambition for becoming a successful Man, they give me food for thought for other ways for me to see a way out… – Joshua Bud Palomo
  35. I follow you because I see that you actually GET the concept of wanting something different out of life instead of settling for mediocrity. – Brian Greco
  36. I follow SE to help surround myself with like minded, and goal oriented individuals whose focus is to graduate to the third circle. -Chad Stambaugh
  37. Continual assistance in development of growth and proper food for success. Secret Entourage allows you to follow the successful peers that you are striving to be with the proper steps on how to overcome obstacles. – Tim Newman
  38. The reason I follow Secret Entourage is because it has taught me to wake up every morning and do something Extraordinary and not just be ordinary. It also has kept me consistent with everything I do from planning my day to exercise. Practicing my leadership skills has payed off over time but you can still learn daily. – George Keoki Git
  39. To show that anyone can achieve their goals regardless of age, grades, and backgrounds. – Michael Bevente
  40. First reason why, is that the Secret Entourage redefines what dose it take to be an innovator during these times. People cannot or chose not to make something or to work out a problem that could leave them to living a highly successful life. That is where innovation and being an innovator can take its course while, giving people a leadership skillset to fully enjoy and take charge of their life. – Jordan Shelton
  41. Helps on my quest for excellence – Eric S Whatley
  42. Because it is RAW & Damn Good Advice. It’s reality in the trenches of business. – Johnny Perez
  43. To provide us with goals to shoot for, and daily motivation to keep us heading on your entrepreneurial path. – Neal Chauhan
  44. Motivational quotes are a dime a dozen everyone post them all day long, but the quotes from this page set the bar higher, they constantly remind you that there are 2 bars, the one everyone wakes up on in the morning and the bar you have to walk on to take that next step. There is another level out there and in order to reach it you got to want it, live it, breath it. Secret Entourage constantly reminds me that I’m not on the grind, I’m above it. – Gary Curry
  45. I like Secret Entourage because to me this is one of very few chances to see real prosperity and the lifestyle which I would love to get. Articles, books, pictures, video – everything is useful and inspirational to me. Truth be told, for now I can’t do big afford in life, but at least, I’m trying to keep my focus on the things I want and Secret Entourage makes it easier to me. Pejman, thank you and thanks to your team for everything you are doing! – Tatsiana Kushnerevich
  46. I’ve been part of SE for almost 3 years now. “Way back” when they were just getting started on FB and Twitter. I’ve loved their website & social media because they are able to keep me informed of EVERYTHING I consider the “Finer Things In Life”. They openly share success stories of their acquaintances, share how to make money and be successful through hard work without conning others, and they regularly introduce me to new brands of quality lifestyle items without promoting materialism. I’m proud to be part of such a great group of people! – Aaron Sandahl
  47. SE is my mentor to success! – Delroy Moncrieffe
  48. It’s the no fluff on how to guide through business and entrepreneurship. 
I’ve read the book and thoroughly enjoyed it and recommended to colleagues. – Gabe Benavidez
  49. Because were go getters. We have something to follow when something fails to pick us up again. – Andrew Jacob Soria
  50. Another reason…Secret doesn’t promote getting rich. It educates us on what it means to live truly wealthy. Whenever I find myself losing momentum I can always check the sight and end up finding an article that shows me what I’m doing wrong as well as another article that encourages me to keep pushing forward. It happens every time, I swear.- Jon Up Shift Gandy
  51. Encouraging /motivating daily quotes – what better way to start the morning, and get to the office and start with those alongside dream cars, its just another tool to a successful day. – Deric Mathew Tikotsky
  52. You make life more interesting than what we are use to hearing from teachers and parents. – Dylan Webster

For those of you who are not fully familiar with Secret Entourage, we are more than a website. We are the only source of true inspiration for everyone out there: students, workers, leaders or entrepreneurs alike, we strive to keep you motivated through all our platforms and give you an opportunity to connect and learn from one another because education is, after all, all around us. Here is more of what you’ll find on each channel of Secret Entourage.

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