Are You Ready For 2014?


While most will tell you to wait till 2014 to setup your New Year’s resolutions, we at Secret Entourage believe you shouldn’t be confined to a calendar to making the right changes in your life that lead to your success next year. We figured these few tips may help you prepare in making 2014 the best and most productive year of your life.

Look at your achievements in 2013 to date and re-evaluate your time commitments.

We are notorious for wasting time as human beings, and distractions seem to find us regardless of how determined we are of moving forward. Look back at 2013 and ask yourself if  you advanced as much as you wanted this year. If not, simply look back at what distractions stole your time away. Which hobbies made you miss important deadlines, or perhaps which tasks could have been delegated but instead consumed the majority of your time.  So make sure that 2014 is not a simple continuation of the slower progression of 2013. Some quick things you can do to change are simply:

  • Analyze what stole the majority of your time on your very own venture, and see how quickly you can assign others to do what you learned yourself throughout the year. If marketing was the struggle, then perhaps now you have been able to systemize the process and can ask others to take on the tasks, which no longer require your mastermind.
  • If hobbies are stealing your time, then perhaps assign 1-2 days a week where you will be undertaking them, and stick to that schedule. Balance is key when working for your self.
  • The biggest distraction when someone switches from working a 9-5 to working from home comes with the loss of structure which often means you wake up late, and work late causing you to switch your schedule from that of those around you who typically work the same hours you used to work and play after work. Ensure that your new schedule working 11-11 doesn’t turn into 11-4 as you unfortunately will be cutting yourself short throughout.

Do you have your priorities straight?

Since goals are nothing more than dreams with deadlines, and the calendar year is a measure of time, then it only makes sense to plan what you will achieve in 2014 and what you will need to do so. How will you move your business forward and take over the competition? Here are some tips on setting priorities and goals.

  • Set 3 major breakthroughs that you will accomplish in 2014. These should be larger goals that will require a significant amount of work. Make sure that such goals are actually going to move your business forward rather than simply be busy work. An example could be to break 170,000 Facebook fans from the 20,000 you are currently at or even with a new client that you might have thought would be impossible. Then simply set guidelines as to how close you should be based on certain time landmarks.  An example would be if Facebook fans were your focus, then you would set landmarks of 12,000 fans per month.
  • Align priorities with market changes.  Look ahead at new technologies, new social sites and new platforms to help you move further and then ensure that you are encompassing these new technologies in your plan to ensure you stay ahead rather than let your priorities distract you from the world of business.

Hire the right team.

Having the right team by your side is key to success and having the right team ahead of time can be a huge advantage. If you get a head start and seek out the right talent now, then you can get all negotiations done and can be ready to strike hard in 2014, while your competitors are bound by budgets and boards of directors. Here are some tips in hiring people.

  • Hire the right mindset and belief, not just the skill set. Will power will always go further than skill set. It is key to help your self by making sure your 3 months headway allows you to move on the right talent and train in time for a great 2014.
  • Also look for partners who can help you further your business as much as people you might hire. Sometime, partners hold much more weight than employees and great partnerships take time to form. Use these last months to create 3 partnerships you never thought possible and structure them properly pre 2014.

There you have it. 3 great tips to help you get your priorities straight in 2014. Make sure to leverage the last few months of 2013 to prepare yourself to win and bring your business forward in 2014. Just remember to stay motivated, and when you feel down simply visit the Secret Academy to get your boost and move forward.