5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence


Belief is and has always been one of the key factors that drives startup founder’s forward in their thinking. While many great minds don’t know where to start, they have enough belief and confidence to get started anyways. For others who do not share such confidence, getting stuck and not moving forward is often an issue. Here are 5 great ways to help boost your confidence and propel you to a brighter future.

1. Hang around success: While surrounding yourself with normal good old friends of the same status is what you are most likely to connect with quicker, making an effort to have a surrounding of successful people and being in places that simply scream and attract successful people is also super important. Belief drives confidence and the more you see what you want, the more you believe it is attainable. This is the same reason why everyone loves rags to riches stories or even loves to see a younger entrepreneur making it.

2. Understand the meaning of failure: While it may seem easy to say embrace failure, it is far from being easily done. It is much easier to understand the implications of failure and what it really means to you. The least afraid you are of the possible worst outcome, the more comfortable you become with starting and the easier it becomes for you to accept that failure is simply a learning experience and far from the end of a journey.

3. Validate your thinking, not your idea: While you may not become successful overnight and may not experience success in the first few months of a launch, it helps to validate your direction and your thinking. Hiring a private coach can be a cheap as $99/mo and can be so helpful when bouncing ideas around or simply validating the direction of your venture. Having someone else with great confidence, skill, and past experience one email away can be very helpful for the mind.

4. Don’t overthink: You are your own greatest enemy and that means your mind will look for a 100 reasons why you are wrong if you give it only one small thought that you might be. Once you have a brilliant idea or simply want to do something, act quickly and think later. Action leads the mind to become reactive and learning to compensate with the new direction, rather than doubt the direction itself.

5. Hold on to a ticker: Too many times do we overlook our need to hang on to our motivation, whatever it might be. From the idea of simply wanting luxuries or providing from those we love, find what you love and remind yourself daily via a picture, message or some other creative way. Create an opportunity for your mind to believe because it has to succeed and that giving up isn’t optional.