Secret to Success – John Temerian

John Temerian, President of Lou La Vie, knows a thing or two about relationships: “People forget the importance of customer service and doing the right thing. It’s about relationships. It’s doing the right thing because you’re going to tell five other people, “Wow, these guys really stepped up to the plate.” Relationships are important in any business. The knowledge that you share with people I think is so important because I never learned that in school. It’s the basics of doing the right thing in your relationships. It’s the basics of understanding the tricks of the trade of any industry that you’re not going to learn in school. You will learn that being in business. That is so key. It’s so key in any business; the relationships.”

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Secret to Success – Bobby Genovese

After deciding to quit school in the 9th grade (much to his parents dismay), Bobby Genovese realized that wealth would not be acquired by working for others. While working odd jobs in Canada, Bobby developed his own personal skills of sales and persuasion, which helped launch his first company Continental Gold that was comprised of the wealthiest investors in Vancouver. His knack for identifying opportunities snowballed into a vast portfolio of businesses under his BG Capital Group umbrella that focuses on mergers/acquisitions of small to medium businesses across all verticals.

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Secret to Success – Dave Grutman

Sometimes taking a risk, meeting the right people, and taking a different path than you originally planned can change the course of your life. This was the case for Miami nightlife king Dave Grutman. He grew up in a very small town in Florida and after graduating from college, he decided that he wanted try his hand at bartending in South Beach before settling down back home. This bartending job led to a restaurant manager position, which then led to a club manager position. Pretty soon, he was collaborating with various entrepreneurs to start his own marketing firm. These days, Dave is the operating partner of two of the biggest and hottest nightclubs in Miami (and possibly the world), LIV and STORY.

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Secret to Success – Fabio Viviani

While people in America are privileged to work anywhere and anytime, internationally there is a different story. Kids often times have no choice but to work at an early age to provide for their family instead of going to school. The story holds true for Fabio Viviani who started his career in the hospitality business in Italy as a child. Hard work and ingenuity allowed him to go from worker to restaurant owner in a matter of years. With no money, lack of English, but the chase for the American dream, Fabio came to America and rebuilt his empire from the ground up. Today he has a $65 million business in various verticals from restaurants, coaching, publications, and a renowned celebrity chef on television.

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Secret to Success – Bobby Yampolsky

We don’t always give the proper credit to our parents that we should. Many forget that their parents, often immigrants, came to America with nothing but a few dollars to their name. From there they struggled or found success through self-education and hard work, while others started their own businesses and found even greater success. For future generations, this exposure of entrepreneurship became part of the family DNA and was no different for Bobby Yampolsky, owner of ECJ Luxe Collections. Although this has been 30 years in the making, all this has led to tremendous success and a great example of living the American Dream.

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Secret to Success – Peter Beattie

For a lot of us growing up, Lamborghini posters on the wall were quite the norm and a reminder to work hard while dreaming big. For guys like Peter Beattie, this was no different but a rough childhood growing up that transitioned into a bad experience in corporate America made his dream of owning a Lamborghini seem unreachable. During a time when Peter’s back was against the wall and at risk of losing his home, Peter turned to entrepreneurship and started a web design and marketing business to supplement his income. Over time Peter transitioned full time into online marketing and has since fulfilled his dream of owning a Lamborghini and being out on his own.

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Secret to Success – Andy Frisella

While not everyone is comfortable telling their entrepreneurial story, others like Andy Frisella strongly believe you have an obligation to inspire the next generation. If you’ve followed Andy on social media, then you’d know his humble beginnings have inspired hundreds of thousands of followers, regardless if you are into fitness or business. Over a decade ago, Andy used his life savings and founded his first supplement store with no prior experience. Success was not easy and it wasn’t until he had launched his second and third stores when he started getting paid. This has transitioned to a brand of supplements that now serves hundreds of professional athletes and thousands of brand ambassadors worldwide.

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