Secret to Success – Tolga Tarak

After immigrating to the U.S. from Italy, Tolga Tarak found himself in Tennessee of all places where he worked as a used car salesman and paid for his education. Shortly after a brief stint working for another company, Tolga knew that he wasn’t building his dream but rather helping someone build theirs. He took his contacts and knowledge and launched Emilia Motors, a luxury concierge service that caters to the worlds wealthiest individuals. Tolga and his team help source the most extravagant vehicles internationally. Today, he lives in Monaco and Miami and has the privilege of owning a Bugatti Veyron. Some call all this luck but Tolga will tell you it was all Laboring Under Correct Knowledge.

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Secret to Success – Louis Spagnuolo

Louis Spagnuolo is lucky to have been an entrepreneur nearly his entire life and privileged enough to be involved in many various industries. Since exiting his first business for $400,000 during college, Louis has dabbled in restaurants, online businesses, insurance, private jets, yachts, and more.
Being fortunate enough to have achieved great success over the years, Louis shares how his real motivator now lies in the challenge of creating new businesses and making them successfull. Read on as Louis discusses how he went from bouncing clubs to launching 300 lead generation websites to insuring sports teams in our latest success story.

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Secret to Success – Todd Zuccone

Sometimes the ultimate motivator in ones business is the competition. This is certainly the case for Todd Zuccone of Evolution Motorsports. Although Porsche specialized performance shops may seem common, it is those who are able to innovate and continue to raise the bar, that ahead of the competition. Todd has not only raised the bar but also set the standard when it comes to ultimate Porsche performance with several horsepower and speed records to Evolution Motorsport’s name. By letting the records speak for itself, Todd has carved out a niche of his own that has allowed him to proudly own one of the top Porsche tuning shops in the USA for the last decade.

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Secret to Success – Andrew Bachman

We often discuss the difference between owning a business and being an entrepreneur where the latter often means being innovative in the process. Andrew Bachman has a different perspective on entrepreneurship and that is focusing on revenue first and then being innovative. With the sale of his former internet marketing company, Tatto Media for $60 million, Andrew discusses what business models worked best for him, how to grab the attention of an angel investor, what getting acquired feels like and much more. His latest venture is Game Plan Nutrition, a nutritional fitness company aimed to revolutionize that niche market.

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Secret to Success – Ian Mason

The affiliate marketing industry can be cut throat since the primary objective of affiliates is to make money whether that means copying your websites, ads, SEO tactics or other. It’s simply becomes a ‘dog eat dog’ world where too many self-proclaimed gurus will sell you rehashed information with nothing but empty promises. We are glad to have Ian Mason featured this time to shed some light on how he’s been able to grow a profitable portfolio of over 50 websites that not only has survived Google’s algorithmic updates but also has surpassed over $3.1 million in affiliate commissions. He shares with us his best kept secrets on SEO, productivity, and how he plans to diversify into software and mobile.

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Secret to Success – Braydon Batungbacal

As the app industry continues to grow, more and more people are jumping into app development. Unfortunately, most people that do create apps, often fall short of their goals and expectations and call it quits after one try. As you’ll learn with our latest success story, Braydon Batungbaca has created well over 50 apps but it was not without its challenges. His first app only had 2,000 total downloads but through constant refinement, he has built an app portfolio that has surpassed 30 million downloads and over $500,000 in revenue for 2013. A very impressive feat for anyone but especially for Braydon since he is only 21 years old.

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Secret to Success – Damon Fryer

We all love exotic cars so we often find it a shame when they are garaged rather than driven. Thanks to Damon Fryer of Daily Driven Exotics, he’s not your average Lamborghini owner and has successfully shown that exotics can take a beating and be driven in all types of situations. When he’s not hooning around in his Gallardo, you can find him anywhere in the world running his email marketing business. None of this could of happened if he wasn’t exposed to entrepreneurship or success at a young age which lead him to drop out of school in 9th grade. Through relationships he was able to find his niche in email marketing and is here today to give us an inside look on what it takes to succeed.

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