Secret to Success – Sean Perelstein and Chase Zimmerman

What started as designer bracelets has become an exclusive luxury bracelet accessory line made to compliment the finest timepieces. Sean Perelstein and Chase Zimmerman are two young entrepreneurs and the founders of StingHD. Since we now live in a world where the ability to reach millions of people is easily accessible, and free in some cases if you’ve built your brand the right way, this has drastically changed how business is operated on a daily basis and a good reminder to think global. Chase and Sean have leveraged social media, especially Instagram, to spread brand awareness of StingHD to their 500k followers and generated millions in sales through their online store and retailers that carry StingHD.

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Secret to Success – MVMT Watches

From time to time, we get emails or hear stories of our very own readers and members accomplishing big things. Take for example Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlante of MVMT Watches. In less than 3 short years, these guys have not only started one of the fastest growing modern watch companies out there, but also disrupted the watch industry itself, and also the traditional methods of business economics. It is our proud pleasure to share the story of how two college drop outs, went on to create one of the largest lifestyle watch brands out there.

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Secret to Success – Chris Green

Many people dream of taking their passion in life and starting their own business based off of that. After graduating from high school, Chris Green decided that instead of going to college like all of his peers, he wanted to take his passion for car audio and turn it into a real business. So at 18-years-old, he incorporated USP Motorsports and started contacting wholesalers to open up accounts. With zero inventory, Chris bought products as he got orders for them and eventually saved up enough money to acquire a brick and mortar location. A slow, steady growth and transition into e-commerce transformed his business into a million dollar venture. Today, he runs USP Motorsports with the same passion and drive as he did from day one.

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Secret to Success – Aaron Singerman

We always discuss the importance of your environment and how your surroundings can either foster your growth or keep it stagnant. In some cases, it can even lead to death which is what Aaron Singerman encountered while growing up. Aaron always had a passion for fitness and nutrition, but a bad group of friends lead him down the road to drug use. From being around these same individuals, Aaron witnessed the deterioration and death of his close friends and knew he immediately had to make a lifestyle change. One opportunity lead to another and years later, Aaron along with co-founder PJ Braun, is now the co-founder of Black Stone Labs, a nutritional supplement company that does over $20 million annually.

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Secret to Success – Gino Gargiulo

Perhaps the greatest achievement to entrepreneurial success is not the monetary gain, but rather the satisfaction of knowing you’ve made your parents proud. For some individuals like Gino Gargiulo, his father never had an opportunity to witness his success due an early passing. Vowing to make his father proud, Gino took a chance with a mobile oil change business that was dominated by well known brands to become a recognized small business in Florida. Today, his business has grown to an 8 figure empire and has expanded to different verticals within the automotive repair and customization niche.

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Secret to Success – John Temerian

John Temerian, President of Lou La Vie, knows a thing or two about relationships: “People forget the importance of customer service and doing the right thing. It’s about relationships. It’s doing the right thing because you’re going to tell five other people, “Wow, these guys really stepped up to the plate.” Relationships are important in any business. The knowledge that you share with people I think is so important because I never learned that in school. It’s the basics of doing the right thing in your relationships. It’s the basics of understanding the tricks of the trade of any industry that you’re not going to learn in school. You will learn that being in business. That is so key. It’s so key in any business; the relationships.”

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Secret to Success – Bobby Genovese

After deciding to quit school in the 9th grade (much to his parents dismay), Bobby Genovese realized that wealth would not be acquired by working for others. While working odd jobs in Canada, Bobby developed his own personal skills of sales and persuasion, which helped launch his first company Continental Gold that was comprised of the wealthiest investors in Vancouver. His knack for identifying opportunities snowballed into a vast portfolio of businesses under his BG Capital Group umbrella that focuses on mergers/acquisitions of small to medium businesses across all verticals.

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