Secret to Success – Peter Beattie

For a lot of us growing up, Lamborghini posters on the wall were quite the norm and a reminder to work hard while dreaming big. For guys like Peter Beattie, this was no different but a rough childhood growing up that transitioned into a bad experience in corporate America made his dream of owning a Lamborghini seem unreachable. During a time when Peter’s back was against the wall and at risk of losing his home, Peter turned to entrepreneurship and started a web design and marketing business to supplement his income. Over time Peter transitioned full time into online marketing and has since fulfilled his dream of owning a Lamborghini and being out on his own.

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Secret to Success – Andy Frisella

While not everyone is comfortable telling their entrepreneurial story, others like Andy Frisella strongly believe you have an obligation to inspire the next generation. If you’ve followed Andy on social media, then you’d know his humble beginnings have inspired hundreds of thousands of followers, regardless if you are into fitness or business. Over a decade ago, Andy used his life savings and founded his first supplement store with no prior experience. Success was not easy and it wasn’t until he had launched his second and third stores when he started getting paid. This has transitioned to a brand of supplements that now serves hundreds of professional athletes and thousands of brand ambassadors worldwide.

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Secret to Success – Rob Simyar

In the internet business world, there is often one industry that very few talk about but yet happens to be one of the most lucrative industries year after year. That industry is the adult entertainment with global revenues in excess of $100 billion dollars. You’d imagine that working in this space would be some guys’ dream job with the ability to be surrounded by beautiful women at all times and making a very lucrative income while doing so. For others like Rob Simyar, after a decade in the business making millions of dollars and serving hundreds of thousands of customers through his website FTV Girls, it was time to get out. Here’s why…

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Secret to Success – Jebo Lopez

Most people start their careers in typical corporate America fashion, only to realize that the American Dream isn’t quite the dream they expected. This realization is often what breeds entrepreneurs to be creative. While some try to attempt a few side hustle gigs, others like Jebo Lopez have created successful side business while working a full time day job. Although Jebo’s company Wheelz Up, a parts logistics and transportation service, has done nearly $3 million in sales last year, many would be surprised to hear that Jebo still remains loyal to his day job and doesn’t plan to leave yet. What is even more impressive is that Jebo does all this while raising a family.

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Secret to Success – Nick Frank

Many aspiring entrepreneurs often ask us if car detailing is a good first business to start, and we usually say yes because of several reasons. First, the importance of self-education through research and hands-on experimentation. Second, customer service skills you will gain through client interaction. Third, the attention to detail you must have when it comes to ensuring your clients are satisfied. And finally, the importance of understanding your financials and how to confidently charge what you believe you are worth. Nick Frank is the founder of Synergy Detailing, a high end car detailing business that works on hypercars brands like Koenigsegg and Bugatti. Best of all, Nick does this all part time while balancing a day job.

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Secret to Success – Pejman Ghadimi

While we’re all born under different circumstances, some of us don’t stay settled but move forward in life against all odds. When Pejman Ghadimi moved to the States with his mother, he had no choice but to work to survive. Becoming business and financially savvy allowed Pejman to become a multi-millionaire by age 27 while at the same time holding a prestigious role at a Fortune 500 bank. While having made money, Pejman did not feel like he left his mark on society and 7 years ago Pejman set out to create a new unique platform called Secret Entourage to motivate and educate Gen-Y on entrepreneurship. Secret Entourage has now become a movement supported by hundreds of thousands of followers worldwide.

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Secret to Success – Ovi Nasui

While growing up in front of the family business, Ovi Nasui started to take a liking towards entrepreneurship. Knowing that a typical career wasn’t the right path, Ovi decided to drop out of school after finding success in real estate. Good things sometimes come to an end and the real estate crash in 2008 put Ovi in a hole and through some tough times. Believing that he could overcome this obstacle, Ovi went back to the drawing board and started a new business, one that was almost recession proof. Along with his father, which is also his best friend and mentor, Ovi started a senior care facilitiy and has continued to see tremendous growth and new opportunities in multiple locations. Ovi is the perfect example of living in the American Dream.

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