7 Reasons Why Ari Gold is the Best Boss Ever


While Entourage the movie has now been confirmed and it is almost impossible to get enough of the reruns of the last few seasons, the one thing we miss the most is our good old friend Ari Gold.  We actually like to think that not only was Ari the star of the show, but also the best boss ever.

1.     He doesn’t give a shit about office politics: Cursing out just about everyone including his gay assistant, clients, and even his business partners. Ari says it as he feels it, and he is quite uncensored about it, making business move forward. Don’t you wish your boss was more real and wasn’t afraid to tell you to go suck on Carmen Electra’s tits.

2.     He fires incompetent people on the spot: While that might sound scary, there is nothing worst than a boss who lets poison loose in the office. Ari, on the other hand, fires people in the middle of a meeting without ever looking back.

3.     He lets the competition know how he really feels: While most bosses are political towards their competitors, Ari gold races his in his Ferrari and reminds him of how poor he is for driving a Porsche 911.

4.     He cares for his employees: When his closest employee was going through family issues and was running around the office boning another employee, Ari helped him cover it up and helped him get over it. A true friend and truly what everyone should expect from their boss.

5.     When he acquires a company, he downsizes with a paintball gun: While many bosses would lie to your face and tell you everything will remain the same after a merger, Ari saves you the headache by simply showing up and shooting you with a paintball gun letting you know you won’t have a job in the morning.

6.     He mentors people the right way: After E decided to start his own company, Ari had to give him shit but he was always there for him if he ever needed. A great mentor isn’t nice but rather supportive. We appreciate Ari’s approach to mentorship. Its raw, real, and amusing.

7.     He is honest with family: As a great boss, you have to have the ability to balance work and life and Ari is amazing at it. At his last therapy session he reminded his wife about the fact that he has to pick up his phone in the middle of a Wednesday if she wants to vacation in Italy. Nothing like a man who knows how to keep his wife where she belongs, behind his work.

Here are Ari’s finest moments on Entourage…