Relationships Are Everything

Looking at the world around us, it seems that some things just don’t make sense. Wealthy people get better discounts on items they can easily afford, they often get cars for much cheaper and they often live a better lifestyle at a much cheaper cost. So whats the secret?

Well many will tell you it is education, they make educated choices around their money despite having enough of it, others will say it is strictly being slick, wealthy people are much slicker, thats why they are where they are.

Are we then generalizing that being rich means having common sense?

If you have an entourage of wealthy people then you will know that the above statement is as far from the truth as possible. The path to building wealth is one that is never won alone, you can ask the majority of the wealthiest people and they will tell you that without relationships, they would have never made it. Most would give up a large portion of their wealth to maintain the relationships they have built so far, as they know without them they would never be able to move forward.

Relationships are the reason people get wealthy, its not what you know, but rather who you know. Most people will tell you that because of their relationships, they had many opportunities that they would have never had, opportunities involving money, status, and in some cases fun.

One of the biggest factors that makes some much more successful than others is their ability to evaluate who people are and why they need to nourish a strong relationship right from the start. By understanding and reading people, you can carefully pick a power entourage that can help you progress in life.

Just remember, every time you meet someone, please take the time to know them before making judgment, as you never know who they might be to you tomorrow, next week, next year or even a decade from now. First impressions are everything, make the right one and a relationship will nourish, build on that and create opportunity. Keep in mind that success is nothing more than “hard work meets opportunity” and opportunity might be the guy you met yesterday.