Maserati GranSport MC Victory Edition

The 2007 Maserati GranSport MC Victory is a beautiful, blue, limited edition GranSport to celebrate winning the 2005 FIA GT Manufacturers’ Cup.

Maserati had launched a new limited edition model of the Maserati GranSport.

A total of 180 MC Victory coupes were made, featuring carbon front and rear spoilers, unique carbon-colored wheels, and Italian flags behind the front wheel, just like the winning Maserati MC12 . The GranSport MC Victory debuted at the Geneva Motor Show.

Interior differences: Full carbon trim, coupled with hand stitched alcantara across the dashboard, front and real panels and headliners, gauges and paddles of F1 unique to the MC12 edition, along with the competition seats.

Exterior: Carbon Fiber Front chin and lip rear spoiler. Italian badges on fenders, unique yellow calipers and black magnesium polished wheels.

Maserati Gransport MC Victory

Maserati Gransport MC VictoryMaserati Gransport MC VictoryMaserati Gransport MC Victory