The New SL65 AMG Black Series

First came the CLK63 Black Series, a masterpiece of thrills and speed. The car is based of the CLK63 coupe but is redesigned in several ways, from wider fenders, bumpers and a very aggressive wheel, tire and brake package, the cars styling is not easily mistaken for its cheaper counter part. The motor is fully built to release 500HP and 465 Ft Lbs. It is a monster waiting to be unleashed. Stiff and precise suspension, coupled with a tail happy LSD. This gives you the thrill ride of the year.

But then comes the big brother, the latest and baddest Mercedes Benz to date; the new SL65 Black Series. The new SL65 Black Series commands some serious attention. The car is limited to strictly 200 new units, which as you guessed it are all sold. But here is a quick run down of what we are all missing: Wide Body insanity, Carbon Fiber interior and seats, V12 Bi Turbo capable of 620 HP and 700 Ft Lbs, and best of all the exclusivity of owning the sickest Benz ever made. The only down fall is that if you can find one, be ready to give up your house or a mere $300,000!

SL65 AMG BLack Series