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Last week we showed you the possibilities of increasing your income through helping others attain jobs; but this week we show you how doing a good dead can help you get some cash in your pockets. For this week, we look at how helping busy people with their day to day activities and chores can help put big money in your pockets. Have you ever been in a situation when you are so busy you wish you could be in two or three places at the same time. Well you may not be lucky enough to have access to cloning yourself or having helpers running around for you but you sure can become that 2nd or 3rd helper for others. Here is how to make big money helping others…

Start a Personal Assistant Business

Initial Cost: Less than $100

Secondary Costs: None

Potential First Year Income: $20 per errand

Dollar earned per job: $40-60

Main form of Advertisement: Craigslist, Backpage, and other service offered websites.

What do you do and what can you do:

You offer to become busy people’s personal remote assistant, meaning you are one call away from running errands for people such as pick up and drop off to airports, picking up dry cleaning, grocery shopping and just about everything else a busy person doesn’t have time to do. You need to be remote as a personal assistant or it turns into a one client job and doesn’t really make you the money you want. Being available from 8-10pm gives you a competitive edge over others and enables you to charge more during peak hours past 6 pm.

How will you be successful:

Seeing that most of today’s households are based on 2 incomes, folks don’t have time to go and run all their own errands and sometimes have to hire people just to pick up their kids, dry cleaning, relatives at airport or take others to doctor’s visits or even have to deal with their pets.  You are one phone call away and take care of their needs on a case by case basis. You can charge anywhere from $10 to $20 per errands but should remain aware of estimated gas costs and price yourself accordingly.

The secret to success:

This is an easy role and networking in your own neighborhood is the easiest and best way to start as trust is usually the main indicator of people hiring you. There is a much better chance for them to do so if they know you and trust in your reliability as well as honesty. Starting by talking to your neighbors and passing out flyers locally might work better than websites. Once you attain a few jobs and earn the trust of a few repeat clients, simply ask for references and branch out to other neighborhoods. The main idea is to ask your existing clients for referrals so that they may spread the word for you and connect other to you establishing a sense of trust from the beginning.