Calendar Release Party

Black Friday is always a great day to party it up and The Secret Entourage Blackout Calendar release party was by far the hottest party we have thrown. Featuring Kabang Energy Candy, Secret Entourage Models, exotic cars and over 500 people throughout the night, the party was nothing short of EPIC. The calendars were a huge hit, selling out within an hour or so into the event but no worries as we still have a few left for those of your that still haven’t gotten your copy. Just make sure to get yours quickly as we have very few left in the Secret Entourage store.

We set up for the party at about 9pm and  lined up a few exotics on the curb but were limited to the Secret Entourage Ferrari 360 Modena, Project Heaven,  and Supercharged Range Rover due to the cold weather…

The party went on to 3am, with lots of beautiful models running around all night but the true hits of the night were the 2011 Calendars and Kabang Energy Candy.

We teamed up with Kabang Energy Candy for this event as we wanted to get away from the typical energy drink company and go with a healthier and cooler alternative. Kabang Candy fit the bill just perfectly and was as big as a hit as the calendar at the party.

Enjoy the pics from our Blackout party, get your calendars if you haven’t done so and make sure to get your Kabang Energy Candy. A big thank you to Carribean Breeze and its staff for hosting us, Kabang Candy for sponsoring the event, and all the hot Secret Entourage models for making the night epic…

Hope to catch you all at our next party.